Dry Cut!


Have you ever heard about or tried a Dry Cut?!

I never knew that it existed before getting the opportunity to try “The Charles Maksou” Dry Cut.


Charles Maksou is considered to be one of New York and Boston’s top hair stylist. But after 20 years in the USCharles had a desire to return to his home country Lebanon, so he came to Kaslik and had his latest creation“Maksou”.


With the dry-cut technique, Charles Maksou is able to carve out shapes that are impossible with wet hair. He creates a natural shape according to the way your hair grows.

I had the chance to try his dry-cut, his touch is really light, you don’t feel that you’re loosing any of your hair but at the same time, it’s getting better shaped and homogenous.


As I also got the chance to have a little bit of highlights, his coworkers Chady Assaker and Jolice Haddad took good care of my hair, since I’m not a big fan of colouring and highlighting.


And I also got the chance to meet Rodolph Salem, the Make-up artist and showed me his way of work.

You can see more pictures here 🙂

You can LIKE Maksou Facebook page to stay updated on all his latest news and trend.


Maksou is located on Kaslik highway, Espace 2000 Street, Rahban Building, next to Pharmacie 2000.

For booking you appointment, do not hesitate to call them on 09 – 224 902

And Na3iman!



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