Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balm by Clarins!

I was checking Clarins Middle East Facebook Page last week and I saw these new Crystal Lip Balm.

I liked their shape, texture and color. They’re transparent with a light of colour, so I had to go and check them LIVE. 😉


So I went to ABC Achrafieh during the week-end and passed by the Clarins stand and there they were…shining in front of me!

I tried the Crystal Coral shade, I though that it would be transparent with a bit a glitter, but it turned out to be as bright as a lipstick!

The Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balm Combines the benefits of every type of lipstick – the same shape and glide as a traditional lipstick, as transparent as a lip gloss, the same subtle colour result of sheer lipstick and the comfort of a lip balm.”


It’s composed of:

Gelled oils : for transparency, glide and comfort. It Helps prevent lip from becoming dehydrated.
And a “high tech” polymer : combines with gelled oils to ensure the consistency and transparency of the stick.

I found it really original as a concept, combining lipstick and gloss at the same time! What do you think?


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