Smile Enhancing Gloss By Bourjois!


I was once at the Bourjois stand in ABC Mall and I was checking the lip glosses. I saw a double gloss, I thought it was like the others, colored gloss from one side and transparent from the other.

But the sales lady told me that this one is different, it’s a Smile Enhancing Gloss: Gloss and tooth brightening effect gel for a dazzling Hollywood smile!



A must-have lip gloss duo with two actions in one:

1. A tooth-brightening effect gel to apply directly onto the teeth:

Gentle on tooth enamel, its formula is enriched with blue coloured pearls and brightening agents for an instant result.

Designed for daily use and even better, it leaves a fresh breath sensation too!

2. A dazzling lip gloss to apply onto the lips formulated with “White Focus” pigments to enhance tooth brightness instantly.


An instant tooth-brightening effect and a dazzling smile!

Available in 6 shades, to enhance your smile and make your teeth look even brighter!


I tried it before getting my braces on, you just have to apply the gel directly on the teeth then you apply the lip gloss.

I loved the smell of the gel, it leaves you with a fresh breath and a confident smile 😀

Have a nice week everyone 🙂 


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