The Revolution*

Everyone parties in Beirut, but not everyone knows how to throw a party. The Revolution* Beirut will deliver an unforgettable experience free from hangovers and bad music…


The Revolution* Beirut supports/promotes local DJs. Funky, Electro, Indie, and groovy music will be played all night long keeping you move it move it…

To note that The Revolution* Beirut is a members-only event, members should have The Revolt* Card.

The Revolt* Card grants you access to The Revolution* Beirut parties. Only card holders will be invited to the parties, and will benefit from discounts.

How does the Card work?

Once at your disposal, you need to activate the card either by scanning the QR code and entering your unique key on our Facebook page or by visiting us on The Revolution Beirut page. Once the card activated, make sure to present it each time you attend The Revolution* gigs to accumulate points and enjoy the numerous privileges.


You can check The Revolution* website for more information and photos, Like their Facebook Page and Follow them on Twitter!

Bring on your swimsuits and get ready for some real summer fun at La Plage!


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