My one on one interview with Johnny M


During his visit to Lebanon, I got the chance to meet the Lebanese Australian Hip Hop star “Johnny Merheb”  and got to know more about his career as a singer.



Question 1: Can you tell us more about you? How did your career start?

Johnny Merheb answer: I was born in Australia from a Lebanese father and a German mother. I came to Lebanon when I was 4 years old, staid till 17 years old and then I went back to Australia.

I always wanted to be into music, recording or making films. I always wrote songs and poetry, since i was about 12-13 years old and they really meant something.

Then life took me to another path, I did different things then I got back to Media and saw the inner happiness of the real artists.

I started as a MC  ( the official host of a staged event or similar performance) in parties and in festivals, the crowd was happy .

Then I started writing songs for other artists and I started feeling that I need to express myself with my own  music.

In 2010, and with the help of “Stephane Albert” I signed with a record label “Antiblaze records”, I wrote a song called “WTFG6”, it was released in December 2010.

An Australian radio station “NOVA” put it as a feature on their website and started playing it on the radio.

My second project was in 2011, when I was asked to do a video clip. I wrote a song called “PunPun” and they released two videos for it, one is the real clip and one is about how the idea came up.

Then I had a remix version for it with the Australian producer and DJ “Nick Thayer” .

Then I took a break afterwards till April 2012 when I recorded “Breakup Anthem”  with a clip. This was the first song where I had creative control over everything.

Then I released in August 2012 “Happy Today”  with a clip.

Question 2: Did your family encourage you?

Johnny Merheb answer: I had a bit of encouragement from my family, but i didn’t feel that I needed it. I needed the supporters.

Every fan who makes a positive feedback to me, about my work is enough as a support.

Question 3: Do you tend to mix oriental style in your music?

Johnny Merheb answer: I am working on two projects at the moment; one of them is a very famous 80s song in English but in an oriental style.

This is where i find my identity.

I’m a big fan of Oriental music, like Ziad Rahbane, simple and yet chic and Ragheb Alame, because he managed to stay although he has his own recording house.

Question 4: What’s your favorite song that you like to sing in the car/ shower?

Johnny Merheb answer: Since it’s summer, I had Sean Paul‘s song “She doesn’t mind” always in my mind. I was going to attend his concert but too bad he couldn’t make it to Lebanon.

I also like Georges Michael, “Careless Whisper” and “Jesus to a child

Actually it depends on the seasons and the feelings.

Question 5: What does music mean to you?

Johnny Merheb answer: Music is like another religion, the main religion where we can all be united, despite our differences.

In music, we could be from everywhere.

Question 6: Are you open to idea of collaborating with other singers of your choice?

Johnny Merheb answer: I will be doing it, i’m working on a collaboration with a Lebanese artist.

Question 7: Do you have any ritual before a performance?

Johnny Merheb answer: Well if a performance is in a club at 10:00-11:00 p.m., I like to come to the club during the day to have the feeling of it and meet the people involved, the team who is going to help me during the performance.

Question 8: What’s the advice / motto you live by?

Johnny Merheb answer: Go for it! As in don’t keep dreaming, do something about it!

Question 9: Would you like to add something to your Lebanese fans?

Johnny Merheb answer: I wanna tell them first: Can you use the blinkers while driving?

I wanna tell anybody who has a dream, follow it, don’t let the people around you let you down, there are no excuses.

Check his latest song “I’m happy today”:

And don’t forget to Follow him on Twitter  🙂





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