Halloween is a yearly celebration celebrated by the western Christian on October 31st.

This year (2012) it occurred on Wednesday, but the party that I went to in Phoenicia was on Friday November 2nd.

I had never got excited to this celebration before, but this year, a dear friend of mine, Baloo, was really excited and started asking me to make reservations long before, and the group got bigger and bigger…

I didn’t know at the beginning what will my costume will be, until suddenly one day i decided to be a fairy and I thought of doing a TUTU. I did a bit of online research and I found that it was really easy to do it at home, especially that it needs no sewing at all. So i went and picked the fabrics and my project started…

TUTU Tutorial:

For the TUTU you will need:

– A piece of large elastic ( you take the measure of the waist of the person who will wear it and add few centimeters)

Tulle: you choose the colors you want, you can combine several colors together.

I got 6 meters, 3 meters fuchsia and 3 meters green

– Scissors

– Needle and thread

First take the elastic, tie a not and put it around a chair

Then cut the tulle into stripes, they don’t have to be all equal, a little less, a little wide, it doesn’t matter.

Then take two stripes of tulle, lay a loop over the piece of elastic, fold the ends under the elastic and pull through the open loop and pull through and wiggle it tight.

Then add more and more tulle, combining the colors as you wish, slide all the knots together, making room for more tulle.

You can also add satin ribbon, or maybe glitter tulle to add some fun

And tada…This is my fluffy TUTU 🙂

The day was here, and to add a touch of fairy to my costume, I got long pink false eyelashes 😉

When we reached Amethyste at Phoenicia, it was already crowded, everyone was disguised and  the place was really prepared for Halloween.

The water of the swimming pool was turned red, with sharks around it, Pumpkins everywhere, witches…

Not to forget the yummy food, and the nice chefs who served us warmly and in an endearing way.

It was a lovely night at Amethyste, as it was also the closing night, until next year…

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