Ruby Wing Color Changing Nail Polish!

I discovered a while ago, a new nail polish brand “Ruby Wing” that is magical! It has a color changing technology that lets you switch your style from indoor to outdoor 😉


They’re Innovative, Revolutionary and Stylish! The Ruby Wing nail polish starts with one beautiful color, but when exposed to sunlight it changes directly to another color, deeper and richer!

And when you go back inside, away from UV sunlight, the original color comes back 😉

It is used just like any normal nail polish, after applying your base coat, apply two thin coats of your favorite Ruby Wing nail polish, then apply your top coat!

What’s also smart about Ruby Nail Polish, is that you can use it for your nail art, and it will change from indoors to outdoors, giving magic to your nails 😉

It’s available in 18 different shades, turning them into 36, with the combination of SolarActive color change technology and Forsythe Color club nail lacquers.

Combining the two companies became the force of magic creating Ruby Wing!

I chose the color Tide, indoors you can see a hint of white polish with tons of glittery shines, but when you step outside to the sunlight, it will transform into a rosy-pink glitter.

To stay updated with Ruby Wing Nail Polish latest shades and news, you can check their Facebook page, Follow them on Twitter and Pinterest!

I’ll be surely Pinning a lot from their collection 😉




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