Tokyo Lebanon

This is the first post in 2013, and I would like to wish all the best for my readers and may every day of the year glow with good cheer and happiness 🙂

And I would also like to wish all my Armenian friends a Merry Merry Christmas 🙂

My year started with happiness, by discovering a new sushi place Tokyo Lebanon


Inside a world of a culinary delight, “Tokyo Lebanon” promises an Endless Discovery of Japan’s most delicious, fresh and healthy food_inspired by the traditional Japanese flavors and signed by their thrilling Kamikaze chefs.


“We are utterly dedicated to gleefully serve you in a vibrant unique experience bringing you the fine Japanese cuisine, all prepared in our kitchen using premium ingredients to guarantee an exceptional and delectable selection of sushi, sashimi, tempura, noodle, teriyaki…and other outstanding dishes that will mesmerize you with an unforgettable taste”.



It was a great discovery, the inside is really nice and cozy, the waitresses are wearing the traditional outfit and the food tastes yummy and what’s even more cool is that there’s a wide-screen in the middle of the place where you can watch the chef preparing your food 😉

Check some of the pictures of our sushi feast…

Sushi 001

Sushi 003

Sushi 007

Sushi 005

Sushi 011

Sushi 012

Sushi 014

You can find Tokyo Lebanon on Jounieh Highway, Rached Center.

You can also check their website, LIKE the Facebook page, follow them on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn… Man they’re everywhere 😉




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