Un… Deux… Trois!

“UN DEUX TROIS” is the new Lunch set menu at “Eau De Vie” – Phoenicia Hotel.


The new set menu is customized for our lifestyles, with three different choices: “The Fashion Way”, “The Healthy Way” or “The Business Lunch”, that we can enjoy during week days.

“The Fashion Way” is for those who want to indulge themselves at lunch time, they have a choice of 3 different salads with a glass of wine and chocolate mousse.

“The Healthy Way” is for the light, healthy eaters who are passing by for a quick bite, they have the choice to choose between seven different salads.

“The Business Lunch” is a three course meal, you can choose one of the 3 entrees, one of the 3 main affairs and one of the 6 sweet closure.

I had the chance to taste “The Business Lunch” with my colleagues, I had the Duck confit salad with pine seed and pomegranate, followed by the grilled chicken paillard with herbs and mushrooms.

As for the dessert we shared bites of the vanilla chocolate meringue, mille feuille au chocolat, flowerless chocolate sponge and the mixed nuts tart …


Don’t miss it and enjoy the lovely view 😉



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One thought on “Un… Deux… Trois!

  1. Me & Beirut January 29, 2013 at 6:12 pm Reply

    Of course i choose the fashion version 🙂 i love when u post photos of u btw 🙂


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