Lebanese Bloggers reinvent the world

“Unleash your potential and conquer the digital world” is a message from the Minister of Telecoms Nicolas Sehnaoui to the Lebanese Bloggers and Youth.

What do Bloggers have to do?

All they have to do is to submit a blog entry about an idea of an invention that they believe will change the world and have a great impact. This post will eventually be reviewed by a jury of prominent Lebanese in Silicon Valley working in the ICT sector and the winner will get the chance to travel to Silicon Valley with Minister Nicolas Sehnaoui.

What are the benefits of this competition?

It will bring us benefits:

  • The Lebanese economic model is in crisis. What do we sell and to whom? We cannot be competitive with heavy industry or agriculture. The financial sector is already stretched to the maximum. Tourism is too dependent on the political weather. 
  • I say Digital economy is a unique chance (maybe the last) that can provide employment to our graduates and correct our dysfunctional economic model…
  • It can put us at the center of the world’s economy and at the forefront of those who design mankind‘s future. The Lebanese are one of the most creative and innovative people on the planet. But previously they had to leave the country (sometimes never to return) to perform. Now I argue that we can do it from here as efficiently.
  • Instead of leaving Lebanon we can sell our ideas and unleash our minds from right here, virtually and online. 
  • Lebanese and foreign IT and digital companies can use Lebanon as a hub to sell their products to the whole planet. To give you a few numbers, we have for this purpose, right now, 200 Gb/s on IMEWE and very soon 700 on Alexandros.

All submissions must be made before March 1st on the following website http://reinventingtheworld.net/ and the results should be out by the 6th of March 2013.

I didn’t have the time to take part in it, but I wish all my bloggers friends who did the best of luck 🙂


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