Lippenbalsam by alverde NATURKOSMETIK

The weather is really schizophrenic lately in Lebanon, one day it’s really sunny and hot, the other it’s windy and rainy which causes skin dryness.

I felt it mostly on my lips and hands, but I had the magic cure for my lips. It’s this German lip balm that my mum got me few months ago when she was visiting my sister!


A bit of information on the brand:


alverde NATURKOSMETIK, is the top-selling certified natural cosmetics brand in Germany.

alverde NATURKOSMETIK provides 100 percent natural beauty from head to toe. Quality care and herbal active ingredients are combined with the latest scientific research to deliver a compelling range of products. The brand offers beauty care products for face, body, hair, and a Baby series. And they recently had a skin care line for men.

About the lip balm:

The Lip balm provides intensive care and protection for delicate lips:

– The jojoba and calendula protect lips from drying and getting chapped

– It contains vegetable oils that gives a silky smooth feeling

I like the feeling that gives on the lips, it doesn’t get sticky and it’s not very greasy. If your lips are really dry and chapped, just apply it few times per day and it will do its magic! And since it’s in a small size, you can keep it in your pocket, your bag and where ever you go  🙂


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