Eva Atallah New Regional Make-up Artist for Maybelline New York

I had the pleasure to attend, with other fashion bloggers and fashion enthusiasts, on Monday March 25th a lunch with Maybelline New York, that was held at Burj El Hamam restaurant in Movempik hotel.


During the lunch, we got introduced to Eva Attallah, a renowned Lebanese make-up expert who possesses a natural flair for transforming ordinary people.

And she has been appointed the new regional Make-up Artist and Look Expert for Maybelline New York.


Eva’s first assignment will start on the hit talent show Arab Idol where she will be transforming all 27 contestants into the Arab idols they aspire to be. Not only will she work on giving each and every hopeful contestant a full new look, but she will also be supporting the performers and boosting their morale for three whole months, through every nerve-wracking audition and every  challenging performance all under the glare of the TV cameras, studio audience and the millions of viewers across the Arab world.

“Maybelline New York has hand-picked Eva Atallah for her long and renowned experience in the industry. Her self-confident creative persona and her taste for fashion go hand in hand with the brand identity. We’re thrilled about this collaboration and we are confident that together with Eva’s special touch, we will set new fashion trends in the Arab cosmetics industry” Souhir Ben Hamida, Maybelline New York Marketing Director for the Middle East, said.


I got the chance also to interview her, stay tuned on my blog, to know more about her and her experience with Maybelline New York.

Maybe she’s born with it, maybe she’s Maybelline 😉



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