I was caught in a girly discussion the other day, and it seemed that many of us (GIRLS) suffer from greasy hair!

Some of us have found the way to deal with it by finding the right shampoo and washing it each two days, others are still suffering, jumping from one shampoo to another, washing their hair every day because it looks disastrous.

I have always been a fan of Ultra Doux, and I still love it, but a while ago, I felt like changing to something more pro. I was checking the different brands at the supermarket, and my eyes were caught on DESSANGE.

And since I have greasy hair, I chose the soft clay regulatory shampoo



Mixed hair, greasy at the roots, dry at the extremities, there’s an imbalance! The Soft Clay Shampoo regulates permanently, offers a blow of lightness, purity and softness to your hair.

Its new formula enriched with soft clay, lime extracts and Pro-Vitamin B5, regulates the scalp, purifies the roots and softens the extremities.

Day by day, your hair is soft, light and shiny 🙂

And  to make it more efficient, I combined it with the Anti dryness conditioner


The Cream Nutri-extreme conditioner offers a real bath of nutrition to your hair.

Its formula enriched with nutritious oils and Pro-Vitamin B5 provides care and softness to your hair.

Your hair is nourished, protected and full of brightness 🙂


Do you have greasy hair?

Did you ever try any of DESSANGE products?

Would like to hear your opinions 🙂 



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5 thoughts on “Hair Care: DESSANGE PARIS

  1. noerweeds April 21, 2013 at 6:49 am Reply

    oh i think it’s because the soft clay which is can absorb oil, 😀
    nice review


  2. noerweeds April 21, 2013 at 9:29 am Reply

    is this product famous in your country,sist?


  3. Mrs Eliane Taylor November 5, 2013 at 12:39 pm Reply

    where can I buy this product in England ? I bought mine in Belgium, and loved it but I am at
    the end of my stock, can I buy it on line ?


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