Meet The Blogger #1: Sandrine and Tamar from The Closet Clause

I’m seeing that the list of the Fashion Bloggers in Lebanon and in the Middle east is growing fast.

I thought of having this new project, to try to keep track of them in my posts, pointing out what characterizes and differentiates each blog.


In my post today, I’ll be introducing to you the two lovely girls behind “The Closet Clause” and more information about their “Outfit Challenge”.


closet clause


1- What’s the background of each one of you and how did you meet and create your Blog?

The Closet Clause is the effort of four hands, two very close childhood friends, and one common passion!

When we started our blog in September 2011, we were living miles apart, and no one apart from us knew that we owned a blog. Not only were we miles apart but our professional worlds were as well. It took a lot of courage to realize the endeavor we had set on and it took even more courage to maintain it. Sandrine has a background in finance as for Tamar a background in Nutrition. We pursue professional full-time jobs, while The Closet Clause remains to be our biggest job.
Fast forward two years and minus a few months, this blog is our baby, basically our obsession. It is our everything. It is the platform through which we share our ideas, fashion obsessions, and places we adore, and everything we cherish in our friendship… Tune in to read our latest label finds, designer features, event launches, new collections, … and the posts are endless. It is with a lot of passion, enthusiasm, happiness, and anger that we write every word and bring about every idea.
Sandrine and I have been childhood friends since we were 15. Well actually teens more than childhood, but the perils of friendship and our obsession with fashion has even made us closer and this friendship stronger!
2- How do you divide the work on the blog? is there a specific topic for each one of you?
There is no set criteria on how we divide the work on the blog. Each one of has a strength in one thing so we basically complement one another in everything we do. We share ideas and talk about basically everything. That connection is so strong is that we even consult one another on our personal fashion finds, sprees, buys, etc… So together we share our ideas and blog together about what we are passionate of.
3- How did you come up with the “Outfit Challenge” part in your Blog? 
And how do you choose who will take the challenge, which items shall she focus on and for how long?
The idea came after we saw a friend sharing her outfits on her personal instagram account. We asked her if she was up for a 30-Day challenge simply because we thought it was fun to bring to our readers what we witness in our world and for them to voice out their thoughts on it. After all fashion is a personal sense of style of which you can teach a little something to everyone.So to make a long story, she agreed and we just embarked on it.
Edwina was the first one to take part of this challenge. But we will not stop here we will continue this adventure because we noticed a very positive feedback from our readers. However the challenge will now last 1 week only as we want to have a variety of participants, styles, trends, tastes, …. Our next participant will start the next week. We don’t really “select” a person because as I said fashion is a personal style and personal style is fashion. We don’t care about the brands or types of clothing a participant wears, we just care to see personal style mixing and matching items, clasing styles, designs, and trends, which can be inspiring to a lot of people.
If you want to take part in the challenge send us a mail at – men are also welcome to take part!


Stay tuned to know another Fashion Blogger 🙂



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3 thoughts on “Meet The Blogger #1: Sandrine and Tamar from The Closet Clause

  1. Aline C May 26, 2013 at 10:00 am Reply

    Cute idea! Love it 🙂


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