Meet the blogger #2: Myrna from Me My 50 Shades & L

Today’s Blogger is a debut Blogger who’s not dedicated to Fashion yet, but she has her style of her own, I will let you explore her blog furthermore here under…


1- Can you tell us more on how you decided to start Blogging and how’s your experience till now ? 

I Loved writing since my adolescence, it gives me an escape to my own world, a whole new dimension to explore my ideas and vivid imagination. Splurging into new notebooks, all shapes and forms was and still is a pleasure for me. I always carry them and pencil ideas, quotes, readings or notes I could refer when I feel inspired. With the online revolution and the success of the blogs, I decided to have my own. The tile came naturally over a coffee discussing “50 shades of Grey” book last summer…..The experience is amazing so far yet am still at the very debut. The encouragements and the positive reactions of readers especially the new ones I do not know personally, encourages me to always write. The key challenge however is to sustain the momentum, the quality and consistency.


2- You’re not a fashion Blogger, but your write about health (like the fitness post) and style (like the summer post). What’s your stance on the Fashion scene in Lebanon?

My blog is not restricted to fashion yet it can address all topics of my interest and the small community around me. Fashion is a topic I personally Love as I find a real pleasure in choosing my garde robe of the season, preparing the Lists, accessorizing….Am an impulsive shopper and a heavy one I must confess with a style of my own depending on the shade of the day I’m in. Lebanese are fashionistas by nature and embrace seasonal trends adding their own personal touch. However, some take it to the extreme copying certain looks which sometimes turns out to be vulgar or super not fitting. Fashion for me is finding your own style and personality. I meet fashion bloggers and worked with some on a regular basis. We became real friends. I even launched an idea couple of months ago, “Fashion Fridays” grouping the major fashion bloggers, a magazine editor and a fashion expert over a 5 o’clock tea where they met, some for the very first time like me, discussed fashion, personal projects….It was real fun, meeting and networking. I hope this idea can fly somewhere someday.

3- What characterizes your blog and do you have any new projects coming out? talks about Love and relationships mainly society (to a large extent criticism) and many other personal encounters or great unexpected happenings coming my way especially lately with the Nestle Fitness 14 -day challenge and my recent participation in the AUB Marcom 230 Public Relations Spring 2013 projects selection. I think my sarcastic yet very sincere style is what makes it special. When I write about Love, it’s either stemming from a personal experience or from observations around. When I write about some “societal” cases, I try to depict a certain reality to try as much as possible to make a wake-up call. My blog is certainly something special like a small notebook I carry but I would like to increase frequency of the posts, enlarge my readership to try and create a positive effect around. Another dear project would be another blog in Arabic, kind of story-telling also around Love and relationships. I love the Arabic language as I find it very rich especially when talking about those subjects.


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