A Double Date with Sesobel

On May 23rd, and in collaboration with Phoenicia Hotel, SESOBEL organized a Double Date event:
– First graduation ceremony for SESOBEL’s youth in hotel management.
– “Inspirations” exhibition: free-style paintings and others that are inspired from the works of famous painters (Monet, Van Gogh, Matisse,…) by SESOBEL’s children with autism.



SESOBEL was the first association to care for autistic children in Lebanon and to grant them programs to meet their specific needs.

SESOBEL’s current situation is no longer adapted to children and family’s needs and with limited resources, SESOBEL needs to build a NEW center.

Talented youth with autism painted a variety of free-style paintings and others inspired by the works of Monet, Van Gogh, Matisse and more…

Revenues from the painting sale, done at Phoenicia, will be used towards building “Brick by Brick” their much-needed center for the children and youth with autism.

It was a nice celebration, and the paintings are really awesome, have a look at some of them

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Don’t forget to LIKE SESOBEL’s Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter for their latest news and projects.




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