Meet the Blogger #4: Nesrine from LazyNiss

Today’s Blogger is also a newbie, what characterizes her is that she decided to write about fitness and beauty in Arabic. I’ll let you know more about her here under…


1- From a Psychology and Accounting background, can you tell us more on how you decided to start Blogging? Why did you choose to Blog about health, fitness and Beauty? And why did you decide to Blog in Arabic?

My primary mission is based on my psychological background to help people in reversing the trend of deleterious lifestyle choices. It considers the common characteristics of lifestyle behaviors and reflects on how i can inform and improve interventions to promote healthy lifestyles. The subjects in this blog explain for people what a healthy lifestyle is , i want to enable people to live that life.

As well as combination with my accounting background i try to help people benefit from knowledge of how to use the information of accounting principles out there to improve their personal finances.The way to taking control of their money and not letting it control them.

My target is to influence and promote lifestyle change among everyone this is the reason why i am blogging in Arabic not in other languages by enabling Google translate for who need any translation.

2- From where do you get your inspiration?

As a Lebanese woman health , beauty and fitness are classified as essentials in our lifestyle. This is why this blog is set to be an educational place for people of different backgrounds, ages and genders who are simply interested in health, fitness, and beauty and seek to remain at the forefront of all the subjects related to these sectors.

3- Do you have a healthy routine you’re living upon?

This blog is based on my personal research , on a healthy lifestyle that made changes in my life and many other friends and family .

Nesrine will be delighted to receive your messages about any subject you need her to talk about in her blog .


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One thought on “Meet the Blogger #4: Nesrine from LazyNiss

  1. […] I met an old friend of mine, Nisrette, a while ago. We were together in university, she had her 1st blog in 2013 under the LazyNiss, she used to blog about fitness and Beauty in Arabic. I featured here in one of my #MeetTheBlogger series, you can check it here. […]

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