Meet The Blogger #5: Mona from THEMiNiFASHION

Today’s Blogger started blogging in January 2013, she has a passion for fashion and likes to try everything new, know more about her here under…


1- How long have you been blogging, and why did you choose to Blog about Fashion and Style?

I started my blog in January 2013. But I have been talking fashion since forever, both on a professional and personal level.
I believe blogs reflect the people behind them. Loving fashion and being constantly motivated by it, I find it seamless to blog about it, focusing mainly on the latest fashion news to try to keep the reader and myself more involved with what is new out there.

2- On which topic/section do you like to focus more on your Blog?

There is no specific section I like to focus on. Any news, idea, design, etc…. which flashes to me and that I find interesting, I share it. It may vary from trends, looks, brands, new collaborations, to beauty updates, red carpet events, including seasonal tips… As long as it is fun to write and read about 🙂

3- Do you like to try new trends just when they appear, or do you take your time before adopting a new one?

I am kind of an “avant-garde” when it concerns fashion trends. I could “fish for” and wear new items even if they haven’t become mainstream yet. New trend or not, if I like a certain style, you’ll definitely see it on my blog or on my Facebook page or through the ‘look of the day’ I share through instagram and twitter.

4- Which are your main favorite fashion brands that inspire you a lot in writing your posts?

My inspiration stems from an overlook of the prevailing seasonal trends. As a blogger, latest collections and fashion tendencies overview is a must to keep up with the ever evolving fashion scene. I am a fan of many famous designers (international and local) and brands and I think that every designer or maison de couture has a special signature which I look for and follow.
On a second level, I complete my inspiration by reading international fashion magazines for the newest styles, looks and tips for the upcoming seasons. I follow as well international lifestyle bloggers, street-stylers, non famous fashion people who are nowadays the reference in the fashion world.

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