Meet The Blogger #6: Lara from Carmel and Vanilla

Today’s Fashion Blogger keeps a close eye on the stars and celebrities and always keep us updated on the latest trends! Check her out…

lara 3

1- Can you tell us more on how you decided to start your Fashion Blog? And what’s the secret behind the name “Caramel + Vanilla”?

I’ve been interested in fashion for as long as I can remember really. I love shopping, trying out new trends, and I’m very interested in designers and celebrity fashion. I enrolled in the design program at Esmod last year and that’s when I started thinking that I wanted to make my obsession with fashion public. The blog went live in February 2013 so it’s turning six months old today 🙂  The two words that make the name of the blog “Carmel” and “Vanilla” mean a lot to me; Carmel is the most amazing town just south of San Francisco and I spent some time there while I was living in the US. It’s sophisticated and simple at the same time which is how I think fashion should be. Vanilla on the other hand is the scent of my favorite body lotion from Bath and Body Works that I’ve been using since I was 12, so it’s also pretty special to me.

2-  What are your favorite colors for this season?

Emerald is the color of the year and it just happens to be my favorite color this season. People who know me know how obsessed I am with everything black. But this Summer, I really wanted to experiment with bright colors and I thought emerald would be the perfect candidate. My favorite item this season is an emerald Michael Kors satchel that I’ve been carrying around all the time. (See You’d be surprised how this color makes any outfit pop and even goes well when combined with other bright colors like royal blue (another color I love in Summer).


3- Which is the celebrity that inspires you the most?

There are so many celebrities who always manage to look great no matter what. For example, I’m amazed at how Jennifer Lopez can wear wild prints or skin-tight gowns and still look gorgeous. But if I were to pick someone who I mostly identify with, it would be Victoria Beckham. I’ve written a few blog posts about her style and her clothing line and I really don’t think there’s any woman in the world other than her who ALWAYS looks put together no matter what. I love how she doesn’t have to wear extremely revealing outfits to look sexy and get the media’s attention. Her brand is such a success and I think it’s great that she designs her items while keeping in mind that women from different sizes and shapes can wear them. I also really envy her for being able to walk in heels all the time though 😉


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