Meet The Blogger #7: Maya from Playing with Fashion

Today’s blogger shares with us her latest makeup buys, her daily outfit and she pays a lot of attention to her accessories, as if they’re part of the outfit, get to know more about her…



1- Can you tell us more on how you decided to start blogging and why did you decide to Blog about fashion?

I think I can speak for most of the bloggers, when I say that we started blogging because of our excessive passion for fashion and the urge to speak our mind. In addition to that, I started my blog as a photo diary where I post my outfits almost everyday, thus making me able to go through them from time to time and learn to be more creative in my looks without being stuck in the same style.

2- We can see that lately you’re interested in Make-up, do you have any favorite brands and colors?

I have always been interested in Makeup, I even dare say more than I am in fashion. As, I mentioned in the question above, when I started my blog it was all about getting myself out of the outfit routine I was going through, where I only wore this top with that bottom. Later on, when I started blogging more frequently, I decided that I wanted to start talking about my other passion too, thus making me more open to my readers and maybe more versatile and interesting to read.

I don’t have any particular brand that I favor over others, I pretty much love and use different products from all the brands either high-end or drugstore. But, lately I have been fancying INGLOT’s products, since they offer professional makeup for drugstore prices.

I think most people around me  know that I am a Bold-Lip-Lover, so a deep red lip color is definitely in my comfort zone. With so much action going on my lips, I prefer keeping the rest of my face in nude colors.

3- What is the fashion item that you think can add a lot to an outfit?

For me it is always Accessorizing. You could be wearing a well-put-together outfit, but still look unfinished if you don’t add that little interest either in the form of a Statement Necklace or an Armcandy on your wrists.

Having different accessories in colors and shapes allow you to transform the same outfit into many different looks, by simply changing your accessories. For me, I always go for bold statement necklaces, they are like my “red lips”, I can’t leave the house without them.

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