Iftar at Khaymet Burj El Hamam!

Ramadan is here and I had to go for an Iftar!

I heard that Burj El Hamam in Movenpick Hotel is having a special Khaymet for Ramadan, so I went to check it out with my friend N.



The tent was already there, they usually have weddings in it, but this month it’s garnished in a very nice way to have the spirit of Ramadan.

We arrived there at sunset, waited for the prayers and started to discover the rich menu.

Of course we started with Lentils soup (there was also chicken soup) and then we starting tasting the traditional Lebanese mezzeh…


Then we moved to taste the wide variety of main dishes, from chicken, to fish, to kharouf me7che… and we made sure to keep place for the yummy dessert, kellaj, fruits, beklewa…

getImage (4)

Photo Courtesy of Beiruting!

It was so delicious, I recommend everyone to try it this month, and you can also pass by for souhour.

Ramadan Kareem




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