Wind and Wine with Tanit Sailing!


It’s summer and the heat is crazy, what better activity than sailing on a Sunday afternoon.


About two weeks ago, I met my two best friends M. and N. and we went sailing with Tanit Sailing in Marina Dbayeh.

We were there around 3h00 p.m., we waited for everyone to be there and the boat started moving…

The sun was great, so we sat on the deck, used our tanning oil and enjoyed the blue water, the fresh fruits, the cheese and the yummy wine from Chateau Qanafar…

The boat was going deep in the sea… We saw jelly fish, turtles, and dolphins! Yes two lovely and cute dolphins 🙂 Too bad I didn’t get the chance to take a picture of them, they were swimming fast…

It was time also to watch the lovely sunset, what an amazing scenery…

To be in the middle of the water and watch the sun go down… It was so peaceful and relaxing!

When the sun disappeared, the boat turned and we were on our way back to the land…

We wished we could get stuck in the middle of the water, we didn’t really wan to go back to Beirut, to the noise….

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Thank you Tanit Sailing for this lovely day 🙂

Don’t forget to LIKE their Facebook Page for their latest activities, I heard there are really interesting events coming soon 😉



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