Cavalli Caffe opens in Beirut!


Pragma Group, a leading conglomerate of world class brands and companies owned by Joe Tabet, announces the expansion of the Cavalli Caffè franchise in 20 markets across the region with the most recent launch of the second venue in Kuwait following the successful launch of the first in Beirut. The Pragma Group owns and operates Cavalli Caffè Beirut and plans are in the making to have Cavalli Caffè open its doors in the UAE, KSA, Qatar, Turkey, Egypt and Bahrain in the next two years. Also in the pipeline are the Asian cities of Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Suzhu, Hangzhou, Taipei, Macau, Chengdu, Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok and Singapore.

cavalli cafe

“We are proud to be spearheading the franchising process of Cavalli Caffè in the Middle East & Asia and to be strengthening ties with the Roberto Cavalli Group through this visionary expansion plan. We are not just bringing the business to places but also of extending the Cavalli lifestyle experience to more parts of the world. We can assure you that no matter where we take Cavalli Caffè, it will always be an epitome of Roberto Cavalli’s style and charisma reflected in the high quality ingredients and design of the dishes along with the décor and ambiance of the venue, bespoke music and boutique offering,” Joe Tabet, Chairman of Pragma Group said.

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Cavalli Caffè offers a mouth-watering selection of the finest Italian cuisine is suitable for morning brunches, trendy lunches, lounged afternoons and glamorous evenings. Cavalli Caffè will also offer a wide range of imported Italian gourmet chocolates made of the finest ingredients. Additionally, all the upcoming caffès will also be adorned with Cavalli’s signature creative touch mirrored in the zebra and giraffe prints, fashionable chairs and sofas as well as other striking details of the contemporary interior.

I loved the place and I’ve been there several times with my friends.

Have you been there?



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