Meet the Blogger #11: Patricia from Fashionicia

Today’s blogger is innovative, likes to try new trends and always with a new look.

Get to know more about the sweet Patricia here…


1- Can you tell us more on how you decided to start Blogging? And why about fashion?

I decided to start blogging right when I thought that fashion is my thing. I am not the type of people who over-think, totally believe the iron should be hit as it is hot. So I decided to have my own blog, and took less than two weeks to bring it online with the complimentary social media. I believe that successful endeavors make most of their success in the early beginnings; I was blessed to experience this effect only a few weeks after the start of the blog.
I blog about fashion and beauty, not only fashion… And sometimes I expand into fitness and lifestyle. It is simply a huge industry in which women are totally immersed; it appeals to me because I am addicted to it and I tend to be really opinionated and expressive. Having become a luxury marketing consultant and trader lately; I thank God I decided to join the industry through my blog; which took me way further than blogging (not going to abandon my blog though, I have huge plans for it when it turns 1 year old) !
2- What are the topics that you like to Blog the most about?
I blog my personal style a lot, it is the section where I experience the most evolution; seeing how my style changed and evolved through the weeks. I also like the kind of posts people can benefit from so I post a lot of fashion, beauty and fitness advice and reviews. I spread some fashion rumors here and there at times too ;); and I post my takes on fashion weeks and cover events I attend!
3- Do you have a Good Luck outfit or item that you always keep with you?
I do not have a good luck anything, this to be really true; but I have a confidence formula. When I need an extra boost to sharpen my attitude, I make sure my fierce makeup, bold accessories, dark nails, heels and a clutch rather than a bag are the pillars of my look ;). Trust me, these can do wonders to your luck!
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