Interview: Chef Luciano Zazzeri

Phoenicia Beirut will be hosting a special guest this February for three nights only.

Chef Luciano Zazzeri, the Michelin-starred chef of the restaurant “La Pineta” in Marina di Bibbona.


Get to know him more here…

1-      When did you know you wanted to be a chef?

It was not a choice, but rather a family heritage! The business has been running in my family for the past 20 years so I became a Chef rather than being a fisherman.

2-      Where were you trained and how difficult was your training?

Having my mother and father operating La Pineta they were my number one mentors and the ones who taught me everything I know today.

3-      How do you get your inspiration?

Our menu at La Pineta is based only on local fish caught by me and my friends or bought daily at the local market. So you can say that my inspiration comes from the fresh fishes I have on hand.

4-      What is your favorite kitchen equipment?

I have two words for you “Combi Oven”; I think it is the most revolutionary appliance that assisted Chefs in the kitchen.

5-      What are the favorite foods to cook with?

Using products at “0 km” as we say in Italy has always been a priority for me. So I would say Fresh Fish and Vegetables sourced locally.

6-      What is the funniest kitchen incident you had?

A lot of incidents happen that are really funny especially when we have trainees learning at our kitchen but as long as no harm comes out of it all incidents are funny.

7-      Do you do the cooking at home?

I know everyone will expect a Yes answer but actually I don’t 🙂

8-      Do you have a cooking tip for all the new housewives?

Try to keep it Simple and just go with what the market has to offer and always respect the quality of the products and their main traits. Don’t try too much to impress … simplicity is the secret to best result. Plus I am waiting for them at Phoenicia and Le Vendome so they come and taste my recipes. I promise them dishes to be simply loved!

He will be in Lebanon to host three events as follows:

  • Feb 21: Sydney’s Dinner at Le Vendome
  • Feb 22: Eau De Vie Dinner at Phoenicia
  • Feb 23: Caffe Mondo family Lunch at Phoenicia

Hope you can make it 🙂


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