10 Creative DIY Sunglass Holders

Whenever you buy a new pair of sunglasses, they come with a pouch or case for protection. I don’t know about you, but I always seem to misplace those in the first two weeks, leaving my poor shades all alone in the black hole that is my purse. Does this happen to anyone else? Between the keys, pens, candy bars and whatever else a woman’s essentials are, there’s a pretty big change my new sunnies are scratched in the first few days! My eyes opened when I realized making my own sunglasses holder is not actually that hard. On the contrary… And thank goodness for DIY projects, because they’re the best way of having something unique and useful, together with the joy of knowing you made it yourself. And did I mention they make a great gift, too?  Enough said, here are 10 ideas to inspire you:




1- DIY sunglasses case by Alice & Lois. This easy project requires basic sewing skills, and they make use of your pretty fabric scraps that you never threw out.




2- Sunglasses pouch tutorial by This Nifty Earth. You can use plain fabric for this one, and embellish it with colorful stripes to your own taste. So many possibilities!


3- Vinyl DIY sunglasses case by Henry Happened. This one is just right for you if you want to show off your sunglasses with a transparent case, and if you’re not crazy about sewing. Just use a leather hole punch and raffia in your favorite color.





4- Looks like a clutch by Craft Snob. This sunglasses clutch opens on both ends, with velcro closures, and you can download the pattern for free. The pink pattern and lace make it look very feminine!




5- Tasseled sunglasses pouch by Luri and Wilma. Combine a plain fabric with a printed one and adorn with fun tassels to get the cutest pouch! The overall look is stylish and no one will be able to tell they’re home made.



6- Leather glasses case by Whimsey Box. An elegant and fun way to store your sunglasses, with leather and neon. Doesn’t require sewing, and it looks beautiful as can be.




7- Crochet glasses case by Dream A Little Bigger. If you’re a master of the crochet hook, you’ll make this in no time! The pattern is simple and pretty. The best part is you can customize the colors and lining.




8- Sunglasses case by Sew and the City. Nothing says “sunglasses case” like an applique of fun sunglasses! Use different prints for a fun look.





9- Gingham style by See Kate Sew. If gingham is your style, you’ll love these! Easy to make and topped with an adorable bow, these pouch are girly and cute, whether they’re for yourself or for your daughter.



10- Scalloped sunglasses case sewing tutorial by Positively Splendid. Scallop is super trendy and sweet, so why not use it on your sunglasses holder? This one comes with a lovely felt flower adornment as well.


Which one do you like most?

Are you gonna try to do any of them at home? 🙂


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    Thanks,there are lots of verieties in this blog.


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