Indulging: Le Hanoi Beirut

I had the chance a while ago to try Le Hanoi Beirut with a dear friend of mine.

We wanted to try something new and different, so we grabbed their offer from Makhsom.


It was the first time we try Vietnamese food, and I can tell you it really was something…

We were well received and guided to our table, the interior is cosy and warm and the soft music is just perfect.

We had the waiter’s opinion with the menu, because it was totally new to us, he was very helpful and the items we chose were really mouth-watering.


As starters we had the sea nems, wrap them with cabbage, add a leaf of mind and dip in the special sauce… tasty…



Then we had the  lobster lover salad, with pineapple, mango, melon and papaya



As main dish, we had the salmon steak with sweet  jelly chili



To end it the right way, we had two tasty desserts that we shared, the Hanoi Pagoda which is a coconut steamed milk banana and the choco-banana crunchy raviolis with vanilla ice cream and nuts




Ohh… it was splendid,

And just when we thought it was over, we had complimentary coconut flakes, if you haven’t taste them, they are sooo addictive!!

coconut flakes



I enjoyed the place and the food a lot, I definitely recommend you to try it!

And oh, don’t forget to LIKE their Facebook page to get a closer eye to their menu 😉


Sahtein 🙂



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