Introducing: ForeandAft.

I know that I have a lot of men fans, but they can’t always follow my blog, because it’s all about women stuff…

Today, I bring good news for all the men who follow Le Blog De Chanty, I will be having a new section dedicated for YOU… YES YOU!

I know that men don’t really enjoy shopping and styling as much as women do, so I’ll be introducing new shops for you with styles to give you inspiration. How cool is that? 🙂

The first shop that I will be introducing, opened recently in Mar Mkhael and is bringing the top Italian fashion to Lebanon.

Now Open

ForeandAft brings to Beirut an exclusive selection of niche Italian brands that will revolutionize your casual and formal attire.

ForeandAft menswear, the new kid on the Mar Mikhael district, selects brands that guarantee the best materials and manufacturing processes, set the trends in the fashion scene and offer the highest quality to price ratio.

“Driven by modernity and change, yet with an expertise in fashion that goes back two generations, we will transform your retail experience”.

Their stylist from Milan has chosen some of today’s most innovative and trendy menswear brands and developed a curated multi-brand collection to address all needs of a modern man of style.


For the spring summer 2014 season, ForeandAft carries the following Milan based brands: Alesandro Gherardi, Department 5, Diadora Heritage, Fausto Colato, Plusultra Milano,  Rosi & Ghezzi, Stewart, Tagliatore, Velasca, K-Way and 40WEFT.

Think multi-brand, think total look, think ForeandAft!

Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook, twitter and Instagram for their latest collections 🙂


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