Testing: The All In One Clear Smooth Powder by Maybelline

A while ago, Maybelline New York Levant, sent me a package and I had the chance to test the All In One Clear Smooth Powder by Maybelline before it goes into the market 🙂




Unboxing the Clear Smooth Powder:

To start by unboxing it, the light lilac plastic cover is cute and soft, opening it, you find a sponge to apply it and a wide mirror to check all the corners of your face.

The size of the package is small and light weighted, you can keep it in your bag, and retouch when needed 😉


Effects of the Clear Smooth Powder:


The Clear Smooth Powder, is soft on the skin, with UV protection SPF 25, it smooths and evens, living you with a flawless and perfect skin.

If you have an oily skin, it goes gently on your skin, absorbing the oil and providing shine control, leaving you with a fresh feeling throughout the day.


Since I have a combination skin, the Clear Smooth Powder had a light/medium covering effect on my skin, I have to retouch it every few hours.

For everyday use, I use it alone, and for the evenings, I apply it after my BB cream or foundation.


Did you see it in the stores? Will you be trying it?


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One thought on “Testing: The All In One Clear Smooth Powder by Maybelline

  1. […] Then I apply the Clear Smooth Powder by Maybelline, all over my face and neck. It has SPF25 and I’m using the nude beige (#02). If you didn’t read my previous review, you can check it here. […]


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