Interview: Chef Rabih Fouany

Two days ago, Ksara winery and Eau De Vie restaurant organized a sensual and culinary experience.

eau de vie

The Head Chef Rabih Fouany, created a 4 course menu to compliment Chateau Ksara wine making heritage.

Get to know him more and the dishes he prepared here

chef fouani



1- When did you decide that you wanted to be a chef?

I guess the feeling started since I was a child. It was triggered by my Mother, as I used to watch her cook and prepare delicious meals and wait to see the guest’s reactions …. and they were always amazed.


2- Who were your teachers? Who influenced you to become a chef? 

I had this great passion within me for cooking and it was developed and influenced even more when I used to see the creativity and unusual dishes of the Star Chefs around me.

As for my teachers and mentors, I had the great opportunity to work with: Meilleur ouvrier de France Jérôme Leminier, Maitre cuisinier de France Guillaume Brare, Michelin star chef Alain Passard.


3- What are your essential ingredients, that you use in cooking?

Two Essential things: Olive Oil and Fresh Herbs


4- What’s the one cooking tool, that you can’t work without?

my knife 🙂


5- 3 adjectives that describe your cuisine

Modern, innovative and unique.


6- What are you preparing for the Ksara wine maker dinner?

Shrimps and maple:

Shrimps salad, crunchy root vegetables, emmental cheese and maple vinaigrette

– Chestnut & duck liver 

Chestnut velouté, truffles aroma and duck liver ‘croustilles’

Black Angus, tarragon & mustard

Beef tenderloin gently grilled, spinach ‘au gratin’ and tarragon mustard sauce

Green tea cremeux & hot cherry clafoutis

Creamy Green tea served in a martini glass with hot cherry clafoutis


7- Do you use wine in your recipes?  

 I believe cuisine without wine has a poor taste. One of my favorite sauce recipe and which became a favorite for the guests is based on Wine :the red wine shallot sauce”


8- What’s your favorite comfort food? 

I don’t have one favorite but I would say Mediterranean cuisine & modern European cuisine are top ranked as my comfort food.


9- What advice would you give house wives who are inspired by your style of cookery?

Every one of us has a hidden Chef inside him …  By attending my cooking class for two sessions you will be able to add experience and value to your kitchen.



Did you attend the event?

Will you be attending Chef Rabih Fouany cooking classes? 


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