Absolut Lebanon – You Transform Today

I was invited a while ago to a party by Absolut, that was held at Concrete 1994, at Sin El Fil.
The aim of the party was to connect with the creative spirit in all of us and to inspire artistic transformation around the world.
There were live performances of musicians, dancers and DJs that took the mundane and the ordinary to the extraordinary.
Absolut was announcing a game-changing new brand campaign, aiming to connect with the creative spirit in us all and to inspire artistic transformation around the world.
Under the new brand ethos “Transform Today”, Absolut is collaborating with three cutting-edge artists who ignore fate and break boundaries, transforming themselves and their creative disciplines in the process. With the campaign, Absolut continues its long history of pushing the boundaries of contemporary culture to connect with the passions of a generation.
Continuing the brand’s history of championing the cultural impact of contemporary art, Absolut sought out collaborators with daring spirits and a dedication to continuously transform the possibilities of personal expression. Defining the cultural zeitgeist, the three collaborating artists craft their work by changing things, breaking things, challenging conventions and recreating themselves in order to become something more.
The three artists are

A French multi-talent who constantly transforms from illustrator to designer to director to musician.


Yiqing Yin
An emerging fashion designer from France who has  already challenged and transformed the traditional  world of haute couture.


Rafael Grampá
A Brazilian graphic novel artist who transforms  graphic design by looking at each page he creates  as choreography, not just simple storytelling.


“Transform Today” is a rallying cry for a generation of creativity  to break free from the idea that anything is predetermined and to take  control of their future. The brand ethos manifests our belief that  tomorrow is not a given, it’s for everyone to create.
The three creative collaborations were introduced to Lebanon in early February by using quotes from each artist to trigger the public’s curiosity, executed through outdoor and digital platforms.
The essence of these quotes was later revealed as an introduction for the campaign supported by the global visuals showcasing each artist’s work, in addition to a consolidated TV commercial that brings the campaign to life.


Absolut has always tapped into the transformative power of art and, in its upcoming activities, will dial-up even further its input by moving to the next phase of the campaign: the create phase.


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