Introducing: Milia M

milia m

Milia Maroun is the designer behind Lebanon-based fashion label Milia M. Born and brought up in Beirut, Maroun studied fashion design at Esmod in Paris before becoming a lingerie designer and then subsequently launching her own label in 2000. In doing so she has become a pioneering female fashion designer from the Middle East – choosing to start directly in the domain of ready-to-wear over couture, placing accessibility, comfort and femininity at the centre of her designs.

Her aesthetic is one underpinned by a sense of free spirit, intelligence and a sexy humility while remaining sophisticated and contemporary. A woman designing for fellow women, Maroun seeks to empower through her expert cuts and detailed ornamentation: her use of folds, layers and wrapping to draw attention to the body; the different use of threads in all creations; the caftan coat and the Lebanese tradition of silk weaving among the signatures that has helped to carve out her fashion name.


And for the first time, Designer Milia M has open her atelier doors for clients and friends to discover and uncover her iconic pieces, best sellers, as well as her previous and actual collections.

I had the chance, with my fellow bloggers, to check ahead of the event the atelier, the place where the all the designs and creations come out.

milia event 3

After a group chat with Milia M, we had the chance to wander and see all the lovely designs…


If you missed the event, you can always pass by her boutique in Saifi Village and check her lovely collections.



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