Celebrities Style: Marilyn Monroe’s “Curly Waves”


Marilyn Monroe’s “Curly Waves” topped the list after a poll conducted by CoolBlades.co.uk, hair & beauty salon suppliers.

The poll invited 3500+ Customers, Hair Stylists and Facebook Fans to vote on which Celebs, new and old, have caused generations of people to ‘copy’ and ‘be inspired’ by their hairstyle.

Notable entries include Audrey Hepburn’s ‘Beehive’ and yes, even ‘The Rachel’, Jennifer Aniston’s famous look from ‘FRIENDS’.



Marilyn Monroe was blonde by choice. Millions of women emulated her style and the way she styled and coloured her hair. Once again, her glamour waves make the top of the chart


Marilyn Monroe‘s hairstyle was one of her most prominent features, the part that pulled her appealing image together. While it may not have made her a style icon, her lively blonde hair was certainly a memorable part of her appeal. Glamour waves are in style now as they were fifty years ago. Since it is also the Hollywood style of the 1940s and 1950s, you may call wearing those generous waves retro style. Whatever the name, they are feminine and appealing.


Who can have the Retro Style Glamour Waves? 


Marilyn Monroe looks as feminine as ever wearing the tousled version of her characteristic hairstyle

Retro style glamour waves enhance round faces more than small long ones.

The hairstyle characteristic of Marilyn Monroe is chin-long, layered, and platinum blonde. Her waves were large and there were not too many of them.

The sensuous hairstyle goes well with bright red lips and black eyeliner.


Stay tuned to know more on how to get the look 😉 



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