Testing: Mollon Pro Nail Lacquer

I was going through my timeline, and I saw a new nail lacquer brand in Lebanon. I checked their Facebook page to get to know more about them, and I liked their products.

mollon pro_1


Mollon Cosmetics is a dynamically developing brand of cosmetics for nail care. Their products are known for their styling and care values. They offer a wide choice of cosmetics in a vast color range which can satisfy the growing needs of the customer.

mollon pro_3


Their cosmetics are exceptional thanks to their innovative nature, modern design, premium quality and attractive price. Mollon Professional Pro offers the highest quality products for professional manicure and pedicure.

Their assets are French quality and style, innovation, effectiveness and, as a result, consumer satisfaction. All Mollon Pro products are designed for professional beauty parlors as well as for the continuation of nail styling and care. Their products are recommended for both natural and acrylic/gel nails.


I chose a relaxing color suitable for this time of year, when shifting between winter dark colors and not yet ready for flashy colors –>Β The Pink MochaΒ 

cache_300_300_1_57. PINK MOCHA

The texture is just what you need, not very thick and not very light, after applying two coats, you get the color needed.Β 

Plus their formula is enriched with hardener that extends lacquer durability up to 7 days, it lasted all week with no chipping πŸ™‚

mollon pro


OK, my hands were very dry that day, stay tuned for a hand cream review πŸ˜‰


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