L’Eclaireur settled in the heart of the Puces in Saint-Ouen, in Habitat Vintage clothing. New destination from L’Eclaireur, this gallery hosts design talents, selected by Martine and Armand Hadida.

With the opening of this space, the couple offers a reconstructed face of fashion and design. The Eclaireur creates places as well as spaces of life and discovery suitable for informed aesthetes.

Today, the workshop which housed the collections of chandeliers in the famous Maison Steinitz welcomes contemporary designers such as Vincenzo de Cotiis, and a selection of
design Vintage clothing.

Fashion is presented virtually through new technologies : a new invitation by L’Eclaireur to be enjoyed from Saturday to Monday.



Imperfection in Perfection


Trained at the Milan Polytechnic, Vincenzo de Cotiis marries the sense of space of an architect with the sensibility to materials of a visual artist.
He forges pure forms – either design objects, ambiances – following an organic process that allows the final product to retain traces of this process.
Touch is as important as sight: the choice of precious materials, raw, sometimes salvaged, always with an intense evocative power, characterizes each project.
Cotiis’ activity includes design for companies like Ceccotti Collezioni, Rossana and Busnelli, interior design for private customers and commercial spaces.
Among his most recent projects are: the Excelsior in Milan and Verona, the new concept for Sportmax shops and Straf Hotel (Milan, 2004).



The series of limited editions from PROGETTO DOMESTICO offers an experimental conception of non-duplicable furnishing pieces more akin to sculpture than design with a functional purpose.
PROGETTO DOMESTICO reinterprets furnishings using materials and salvaged parts
that have been treated with experimental procedures and techniques. This interpretations goes beyond the limits of pure design and its obsession with lines, proposing a vision which is closer to contemporary art than to design.
Unusual shapes give a second life to design elements and prototypes made with recycled
materials, characterized by the passage of time.
The salvaged materials are treated with experimental methods, according to a criterion of industrial reproducibility. The unusual appearance of hand-treated surfaces with texture-effects on objects and material that characterize the production of PROGETTO DOMESTICO as recycled wood, fiberglass, resin, leather, brass and iron are true visual and tactile experiences.



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