Guest Post: Why men love James Bond?


As a fictional character, James Bond is an idol of sorts to men everywhere. Let’s look at a quick run down at why men in particular love James Bond so much.

james bond1

1. The women – James Bond enjoys casual flings with only the hottest of women and let’s be honest, what man wouldn’t love that? He’s irresistible to women, this is probably due to a mixture of his lustful looks, his confidence and his snappy dress sense! Although he’s a bit of a player, he gives off a certain amount of charm and he is so respectful of the women that come in and out of his life that it’s impossible to dislike him.

2. The cars – James Bond drives some of the most amazing cars, the same kind that men wish they could afford to drive on a daily basis. His sports cars always look amazing and he is so cool in them, if most men tried to pull off the same things that Bond did, they would just look ridiculous.

3. The guns – He is a fighter but only when the situation calls for it, his range of guns and weaponry are expensive and he is also an expert in martial arts – always pulling out the bests moves to outsmart his enemies. Men which that they could fight as well as Bond, he’s always pulling out the best self-defense moves to protect himself and the people he cares about.

james bond2

4. The casinos – James Bond is an expert in card games at casinos and this is showcased essentially in the movie ‘Casino Royale’. He is suave and smooth when it comes to playing cards, he wins lots of money and manages to always do better than anyone else on his table due to a mixture of skill and charm. All men would love to be such a casino pro like him.

5. He’s a hero – His skills with fighting the enemy means that he always comes out and top and saves the day.

Although he’s a bad-ass and just plain cool, deep down – he’s a good guy and most men wish that they had this quality about them. He is forever coming to women’s rescue, all ladies want a man who can be their hero and take care of them and this is a quality that oozes from James Bond.

james bond3

6. His awesome gadgets – He always has the latest and most amazing of gadgets available at his fingertips.

He moves with the times, his gadgets always helps him on his missions and he is so smart with how he uses them. Most men which they had the initiative that Bond has.



The reason why men love James Bond so much is because they secretly wish that they can be him. He has everything that they want whether that be his personality traits or the cool things that he does. With hot women, hotter cars, an array of incredible gadgets and just a coolness that makes all attention on him – Bond is the man to be.


A. Mourad


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