Lazy Monday Make-up look!


Oh it’s Monday again!

It’s time to turn that alarm off and after several snooze buttons, you will be racing time to get to work on time!

And since you don’t have much time left to put on your make-up, here’s a quick and easy make up look to make you look nice and fresh 🙂

lazy monday look 015

What I wore? Top from Vestiti in Jdeideh, Pants from Sinequanone

After washing your face and applying your day cream, with your fingers apply a dot of concealer under each eye and dab it quickly. My daily concealer is the “Lift Concealer” from Make Up For Ever (#3).

Then apply a hint of powder with the special sponge all over your face and neck. My new powder foundation is the “Everlasting Compact Foundation” from Clarins (#108 Sand).

Then dust the entire lid with the one color eye shadow, a thin layer of course to keep it simple. I used today the “Mono Couleur sweet lilac” from Clarins. And just under the eyebrows I added a touch of light using the light corner of the “Prisme Powder Blush” by Givenchy. 

Then I drew a line on my upper eyelid, it doesn’t have to be covering all your eyelid, it can be just from the outer corner to the center. I used today the “Dark Blue Duo-Chrome” by Bourjois.

Add attention to your eyes with bit of mascara. I applied quickly the “Miss Manga” by L’Oreal. Then I added a touch of the purple “Smoky Lash mascara” from Make Up For Ever on the sides only to add light. You don’t need to have these two steps, you can just apply one of them.

A quick hint of blush. I used today the “Lilas D’Or Blush” from Bourjois.

And finally I applied the “Hawaiian Coral Joli Rouge long wearing lipstick” (#706) by Clarins.

I hope you’re having a beautiful and calm Monday 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Lazy Monday Make-up look!

  1. Aline June 23, 2014 at 10:12 am Reply

    I want to try out the Bourjois blushes, apparently they’re dupes for Chanel.
    You look lovely 🙂
    Ps. Snoozing is mandatory every work morning!


    • chanty2 June 23, 2014 at 11:55 am Reply

      Thank you dear 🙂
      Yeah you should try the Bourjois blushes, they’re so cute, they fit easily in your makeup bag and not expensive at all!


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