Dairy Khoury Family Day!

I was invited on Sunday with my family and other bloggers/media to discover the Dairy Khoury goat farm in Mechmech.

It was a nice road trip, discovering a new area in Lebanon. We passed by Jbeil, then Annaya until we reached Mechmech.

Dairy Khoury 001

We were well welcomed, took a small break and started our visit. We saw the small goats, then the females and the males. Each category is placed in a different area.

We saw how they feed the new-born goats, we also had a demonstration of an echo to a pregnant goat, to check that everything is going well during her pregnancy.

After the interesting tour of the farm and getting to know more stuff about goats and farming, it was time to relax and enjoy the nature.

We had lunch in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by green trees, and enjoyed the activities prepared for the day. There was a very talented saxophonists, playing lovely music, then he was followed by a band playing Arabic songs.


Meanwhile, kids were enjoying their time in nature swinging, they were amazed by a magician show, and they could also do horseback riding.

The food was so fresh and delicious, we got to taste the yummy labne baladyeh, the white cheese …

Dairy Khoury 027

Thank you dairy Khoury for this splendid day, we discovered a new green area in Lebanon, and a nice goat farm 🙂


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One thought on “Dairy Khoury Family Day!

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