Ariel 3 in 1 Pods!


I was invited a while ago, to the “When Fabric Care Meets Fashion” fashion show in Beirut Souks.

The fashion show featured Antoine Al Kareh’s latest fashion amongst Lebanese upcoming talented designers.


Jujule Lemonie Designs

During the spectacular exhibition & fashion show, Ariel unveiled its latest breakthrough innovation “Ariel PODs”, the most technologically advanced 3 compartments POD in the world that provides best cleaning results while taking care of fabric.


After the fashion show, and hearing so much about the product, I had to try it at home.

I couldn’t believe it was so easy to use, you just open the washing machine, throw an Ariel pod, then your clothes and that’s it!

ariel 003

Your clothes will be clean, smell nice and the fabric is soft!

About Ariel PODS Technology:

Years in development, Ariel PODS represents the work of more than 100 scientists and engineers from all around the globe, and provides breakthrough innovation in three key areas:

  • The three-chamber unit dose design allows the unique chemistry matrix to work synergistically in the wash for excellent result.
  • The pods use a new film that dissolves completely in the wash, even in cold water.
  • Innovative, easy-to-use tub packaging ensures that no “leftover” detergent is stuck at the bottom.

Ariel PODs, is the most technologically advanced laundry detergent, which provides 3x cleaning power through removing stains, cleaning, and brightening clothes. So simply Ariel PODs brings all the power and convenience that you expect together in one product which provides superior cleaning and superior comfort.

If you haven’t try the Ariel PODs yet, you DEFINITELY should!


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