Guest Post:: Lifestyle Factors That Can Impact Periodontal Health

One of the major diseases which people are facing today is periodontal problems. Today’s lifestyle is followed in such a way that people are susceptible to almost all kinds of diseases.

People are so workaholic that they do not have time to take care of their health. Eating and drinking habits have tremendously changed today. People depend so much on eating junk food and drinking soft drinks and alcohols. There are many lifestyle factors that can impact a person’s health namely malnutrition, amount of sleep, mental stress, tobacco use, and exercise. Let’s see how lifestyle factors impact periodontal health issues.

Lifestyle Factors effecting Periodontal Health



The first and foremost lifestyle thing is definitely smoking. The rate of smokers are increasing day by day knowing the fact that it is the threat to their existence and unknowing the fact that it results in periodontal diseases. Smoking is a leading lifestyle factor affecting the progression of periodontal disease. Smoking and use of other tobacco products leads to gum disease by affecting the attachment of bone and soft tissue to your teeth. Mouth is the place where poison from the smoking is stored and because what you smoke passes over your teeth and through your gums, your mouth becomes a hub of nicotine in a very unscrupulous way. Periodontal disease is a set of disorders that affect the gums in a very ruthless way. In a healthy mouth, the gums stay inactive around the base of the teeth, providing protection to the roots. But as one starts to smoke, the gum tissues gets irritated which results in the reduced blood flow to the gums, causing damage that can result in the gums pulling away from the teeth. Smoking is the predominant cause of periodontal disease. If you smoke, you have multiple chances of developing periodontal disease than a nonsmoker .Even if you’re not a smoker and is exposed to the wisp of smoke, you may be at risk for smoke-related periodontal. Smokers’ please not the fact that one of the first and most noticeable indicators of periodontal disease is receding gums.

Junk food and lack of Exercise

junk food

Eating food habits is another major lifestyle factor affecting the periodontal disease. People are so much dependent on junk food eating habit which are really dangerous and paves more way to periodontal diseases. Junk food mainly consists of sugar, salt, fat and calories. And moreover these items are sticky and they do not massage the gums like fiber food does. This in turn makes the gums weak and the risk of contracting diseases is easy. Periodontal starts as an infection and thus the poor nutrition food worsens the condition of the gums which results in gums pulling away from teeth and teeth may loosen or even fall out. So it is always good to eat homely made food rather than depending on outside food. Your energy level is sure to fall when you consume less nutrition value food which leads you overlook exercises. A person with lowest levels of physical activity is at much higher risk for developing gum disease than those who exercised or led a more active lifestyle.

Consumption of Alcohol and Soft drinks


Day by day the numbers of alcohol consumers are increasing. Consuming these kinds of drinks can have severe effects on your gums. As mentioned above, these habits can irritate gums tissue.

Those who abuse alcohol, tend to have poor dental hygiene habits. This makes them far more prone to such problems. Alcoholics tend to eat poorly that leads to nutrition deficiencies and hence they are more prone to get sick easily. Deficiencies in diet can also lower the effectiveness of the immune system and increase the likelihood of developing gum disease. Those who abuse alcohol will often disregard the early symptoms of gum disease. This means that an easily treatable case of gingivitis will progress to a more serious condition that involves permanent damage to the teeth and gums paving way to periodontal issues. Same is the case with the consumption of soft drinks. The high amount of Phosphorus in soda depletes calcium in bones and cause bone weakening. These carbonated drinks can cause permanent damage to dental enamel, potentially resulting in severe tooth decay and gum disease. The result, you will soon fall a victim of periodontal disease.



These are some of the lifestyle factors that can impact Periodontal Health problems. The only this we can control Periodontal disease is by keeping our gums healthy. Eat proper food; drink more of pure water instead of alcohol and soft drinks. A good clean by the dentist and proper home care dental hygiene is all that you have to follow to stay away from Periodontal Health issues. So take proper care of your gums and live a better smiling life.



Valentine Dennis is an excellent freelance writer who is, in fact, capable on writing any topics and subjects with regards to his area of expertise. His proficiency in essay writing with difference and articles has allowed him a great deal to carry out lots of essays academically and non-academically. The characteristic that he has in the writing industry makes him more comfortable to take care of the topics on any subjects without any difficulty.


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