Renault Lebanon Goes Green


As one of the aspects of their corporate social responsibility endeavors, Renault Lebanon, in partnership with Live Love Beirut and the NGO Jouzour Loubnan, have launched a campaign dedicated to bettering the environment: #clioplantsleb.


To kick-start awareness building for this campaign, Renault Lebanon and Live Love Beirut toured local universities to encourage the students, many of whom are active on social networks, to participate in safeguarding their environment. The idea behind the campaign is simple; Renault Lebanon has committed to planting a tree, with the cooperation of the NGO Jouzour Loubnan, every time the campaign’s branded Clio is spotted, photographed, and published under the hashtag #clioplantsleb.


This is not the first time Renault Lebanon has undertaken such an initiative. In fact, CSR is at the very heart of their concerns, committed as the group is to raising awareness in young people with regards to the deterioration of the environment, and the hazards of the road. To that end Renault Lebanon had already launched a preventative road safety campaign, in collaboration with the YASA.


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