Back to basics!

Today’s post is a back to basics in nail care.

I have fragile nails, that always tend to peel and break. I try to use as much as I can a nail hardener to help them gain strength, but as lazy as I was during summer, and visits to beauticians, I neglected them for a while and now I’m back to zero.

I consulted a pharmacist who advised me to use the Ecrinal, vitamin nail strengthener with silk lipesters.

Red 002

  • Strengthens, repairs and protects nails against bacterial and fungal attacks.
  • Naturally stimulates growth for stronger nails.
  • Makes the nail more resistant and makes its re-growth easier.
  • Acetone and Paraben Free


Ecrinal has an invisible formula, you apply it on your nails, it dries out, as if you didn’t apply anything. It’s colorless and invisible with a soft smell. For good results, it is advisable to apply it daily for 7 – 10 days and then 3 times per week.

But after trying it, I found out that you can’t use it as a nail polish, or base coat. You need to follow it with a coat before applying the color you want.

So I bought a base and top coat that I like a lot, the Rimmel Nail Nurse, nail care 5 in 1.

Red 007

It’s a multi-purpose product that provides smoother, stronger, longer, moisturized and shinier nails. It has double function as a nail base and a top coat. it’s practical for me, since I’m already using another product for step 1, so I don’t want to be carrying a zillion products when fixing my nails 😉

The Rimmel Nail Nurse, nail care 5 in 1 is easy to apply, thin, no hard smell and dries fast 😉

And since summer is coming to an end, and I’m fed up with pink/purple shades, and wasn’t in a mood for something really dark yet or pastel, I decided to apply this vivid red from Orly.

Red 024

The Unlawful Red by Orly has a light texture, that makes it easier to apply and faster to dry.

Apply two coats to get the most of the color, then wait a bit before applying a layer from the top coat and wait for it to dry. Then clean the edges of your nails for a complete finish.

I have felt a slight progress since I started using the Ecrinal nail hardener, but it’s normal, because it’s not a quick treatment.  After two to three moths, I’ll be able to see better results.


Do you have any problems with your nails?

Do you use any specific nail hardener?

I would love to hear your experiences 🙂 

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