Driving on a Friday night to Jounieh or Jbeil to enjoy that not to miss party with your friends and wishing you weren’t the one driving because you can’t drink as much as you want or don’t like to drive in traffic?

Going in your car to on the clubs where you have to give your car to the valet and you really hate doing that!

I have found the answer to those frustrations ==> Allo Taxi Application 

Allo Taxi recently created an App on your mobile (Android and IOS), to make your life super easy!


After downloading the App, you create an account, and wherever you are you log in, order the taxi from your phone, you just have to indicate your location and your destination.

You can also choose when you want the driver to reach you, the type of service you want (luxury, minivan, minibus…) and if you have any notes for the driver, you can add them in a special box. Super Easy!

When confirming your order, you receive an instant sms informing you of the order and you get an e-mail to your inbox too.

You will receive a sms informing you of the time needed for the nearest car to reach your location, you can also track the car on the map, and see which way the driver is taking.

When the driver is here, you will receive an e-mail informing you that the driver is here, the type of car he’s driving, his name and phone number.

When you reach your destination, you choose the way you want to pay (cash or account) and you sign on the driver’s phone (in the special square in the App).

What’s even cooler is that the App memorizes the locations you previously entered, so the next time you want to order a taxi from the same place, you won’t have to waste time to search for the location again!

I am in love with this App, it’s just amazing. I’m leaving my car in a safe spot and reaching my place in a better mood! I’m not the one driving in traffic & I don’t have to deal with annoying valet !!

You can take as many selfies as you want without any dangerous risk on your life. And the drivers are funny, making the way smoother!


Download it now on your phone and check it out 😉

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