The new menu is here… at Crepaway!

I was invited to try the new items on the menu at Crepaway, and all I can say is Very Well done Chef!

crepaway 051

A lot of new items were added to the menu, from starters, salads, burgers, sandwiches and dessert!

As starters my sister and I tried the Onion Kings (= Onion rings) and Crunchy Bites (Shrimps with tartar and cocktail sauces)

Then we tried the new and revised Rasta Pasta

crepaway 054

Rasta Pasta

Digging deeper, we tried the Cordon Blues burger and the sea food club sandwich

The Cordon Blues is a heavenly burger, the meat hides in it melting cheese, and carrying on it some more cheese, bacon, and onion rings…. You can’t get enough of each bite ❤

To end it the right way, we tried the Munchmallow and the Melteaser!!

The Munchmallow was good, but the Melteaser was..oh so orgasmic! A true heaven on earth dessert, it is a MUST TRY!! ❤

It was a great pleasure to try the new items, thank you Crepaway for this wonderful and tasty experience.

Did you try any of the new items? Which one is your favorite?


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