Meet the Specialist : Ms. Balsam Al Khalil

Ms. Balsam Al Khalil – Etiquette specialist & Image Consultant, is the Chief Representative Officer for Bank of Beirut in UAE & the Gulf Region, a holder of a law degree & a woman specialized in business investments in the region.


Additionally, Ms. Balsam studied Etiquette for fashion, food and travel, in addition to fashion styling & image consultancy, both at London College of Fashion & the Finishing Touch Academy in Dubai. She obtained a “Protocol MasterClass” degree from Brussels in June 2014, a degree designed for candidates who want to pursue a professional career in business etiquette. She also published her first book “Travel Etiquette”, a guide for the modern Traveler.


Get to know more about her here:

1- How did you move from being a banker, to an Etiquette consultant?

Actually I’m still very much hand on as a senior banker too, but being a perfectionist myself who likes to see things better led me to help out & share my Etiquette tips which are based on degrees obtained in the field in addition to experience in the work place with the public.

2- When did you find out that you have the passion for Etiquette and Fashion?

At a very early age & in fact I was supposed to be in the world of Diplomacy & not in the corporate world or banking in specific, but unfortunately the circumstances in the country of origin, Lebanon didn’t permit at the time of graduation from university.

3- What is your fashion style? Do you follow trends?

I do follow trends but definitely choose from it what suits my personality, life style, occasion etc… My style is classified as a classic elegant, yet that doesn’t mean that I don’t experiment & have fun in different styles & even be daring sometimes 🙂
4- What made you choose the topic for your guidebook ” travel etiquette”?

The same repeated annoying mistakes of passengers, whether at the airport, at the business lounges or on-board planes…


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