Meet The Author Behind “Un Mois A La Cantine”

“Un mois à la cantine” is the first book by Ms. Mima Skaff Harrouk, it is a guide for every woman wishing the best for her children. It contains recipes attracting children by their appetizing colors and taste and at the same time containing whole and healthy food for them.

Ms. Harrouk explains that the idea of regulating children eating habits was running through her head since childhood; this idea has developed rapidly after becoming a mother and grandmother, especially that moms often wonder about the quality of food served to children at home or daycare, and if their diet is complete and healthy.

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1- When did your passion for cooking begin?

It started when my kids were born and began to eat junk food. As a young mother, I was haunted by the idea that I should give my kids the best food with the best nutrients. So I began to educate myself & learn about nutrients’ compositions and their impact on my kids healthy needs.

2- Can you describe your cookbook to us? What is the inspiration behind it?

My kids and my grand kids were my inspiration.

The book contains a full day balanced lunch; a salad or an entrée, a main course, and a dessert, for a period of four weeks. That way, a working mother, doesn’t have to worry about what to cook for her little ones every day.

I got help from a Pediatrician & a Dietician, in order to balance the meals.

3- Which is your favorite recipe from the book? 

The Riz aux poivrons, Le Gratin de Poisson & Les Purees de Legumes et De Pommes.

4- What was your biggest challenge when writing your cookbook? 

I wanted to inspire & pass on my recipes to the biggest number of young mothers.

5- Do you have any favorite food blogs?

Although Le blog de Chanty is not a blog specific for food but it is my favorite by far.

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I hope this book will be useful to all the mothers wondering how to keep their children healthy.


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