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St. Catherine’s Day with ESMOD

I was invited last Friday to celebrate St. Catherine’s Day with the International Fashion Group ESMOD Beirut.The event took place in the amazing and classy Cavalli Cafe in Down Town – Beirut.

Painting 036

Celebrated in France on Nov. 25 of each year, St. Catherine’s Day is a traditional festivity for unmarried women to find matches. The holiday is also popular in other countries, but takes on different meanings.

In Estonia, it marks the beginning of winter and is a day of celebration of Estonian women.
Each and every year ESMOD Beirut celebrates St Catherine’s Day by choosing a theme in which students have to corporate with by creating their own costume.

This year the theme was “Living Art”, students had to choose their favorite painting and make it live.

Congratulations to the 6 winners:
1- CHAAYA Hanna
2- HAMMOUR Raghad
3- HAYEK Jad
4- EL ORRA Nazem
5- NSOULI Nour
6- SAKR Moustafa


Looking forward to see their creations next year!


Goodbye Summer Party on the top of Square Lounge!

I am a summer person and it’s really hard for me to say goodbye to the season that is full of life, activities, parties and fun.

I should have posted this post a while ago, because the party took place at the end of September, but I still don’t want to let go…

Movenpick Hotel’s goodbye summer party was on top of the heap! We were well welcomed at the door of the hotel, with a special setting of the living fountain romanesque statue to take pictures, then we were accompanied to the Square Lounge.

movenpik 010

The Square Lounge was full of good vibes, amazing beats and delicious bites.

Enjoying the breathtaking sea view, we were also entertained with acrobatic art and cute memes.

It was a splendid evening, wishing Movenpick Hotel a great winter season!

Celebrating Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday!

October 2nd, 2014 marked the 145th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and his message of non-violence still echoes across the globe.

And in this matter the Embassy of India in Lebanon organised several events:

  • A lecture by Ratish Nanda: The Tomb of Humayun Restoration that was held at LAU.
  • A photo exhibition of Benoy K. Behl; the topic of his photographs covers the Islamic Architecture in India, that is also held in LAU from October 2 till 10

  • A Concert by Sonam Haira and the Sufi Gospel Project, that was help yesterday at UNESCO.

The music they produce blends together the many voices of language, religion and music to create one voice, the voice of faith. Their sound is fresh and unique and in fact, Sonam has created a new genre with The Sufi Gospel Project. It is called a ‘project’ because the music the band produces is ever evolving and an exploration of this genre.

Traditional Western Gospel melds with Indian classical sounds and Indian Spiritual texts are enriched by elements of western poetry to create a sound that touches every soul.

They will be playing again tonight in Batrouniyat, Batroun at 8h00 p.m.

Make sure to be there!



Since the 18th century the Mouzannar Family has been established as leading fine jewelers in the Middle East. In the 1950s the late Aziz Mouzannar and his brother Walid made significant contributions to the transformation of Beirut’s Jeweler’s Souk, positioning it as a main jewelry destination for the entire Middle East.
The Lebanese Civil War destroyed the Souk, but it did not affect the prestige of the Mouzannar family whose name remains as an absolute reference in the jewelry industry.
The creations made by the house of Aziz and Walid Mouzannar are inspired by Middle Eastern tradition and antiquity with a contemporary feel, making them timeless classics, sought for their high value and emotional substance.


And next week, internationally acclaimed jewelry designer, Dori Mouzannar and award-winning jeweler designer Alia Mouzannar are passing by Dubai for 3 days!

Dori & Alia Mouzannar will be showing their unique and limited edition pieces from their latest work that have been featured in the likes of Elle France and L’Officiel.

Join them for 3 days of fashion and glamour at Comptoir 102.

And don’t forget to check their instagram account for the wonderful jewelry creations.

“Shwayit Souwar” : Tania Saleh’s 4th album

tania 1

After a long period of reflection and research, Tania Saleh has decided to go for a crowdfunding campaign with Zoomaal, the fundraising platform for Arab talents in arts and


“There is no other way to find a proper production support when the political situation in

the region is in its worst times, and all the production companies are busy with other money-making dolls. So either I continue making music or I stop, I decided to take a chance on this

crowdfunding campaign because there is no other way…”

“Shwayit Souwar” (A Few Images) is Tania Saleh‘s 4th album, co-produced by Norwegian

producer Erik Hillestad. It is a romantic trip describing a Lebanese Arab woman’s intimate

story riding through this insane world. The album is a musical search for love in the middle

of hatred, blood and infinite divisions. It raises questions about the meaning of life, the

inequality between sexes and the fragility of our existence on this planet.

“Arab men might be at war but Arab women are at peace. A woman in this part of the world

is hard-working, full of hope and positive energy. Rain or shine, she has always been there for

her father, brother, husband and son, spreading her endless love and showing them where the beauty is, hoping they would listen. This album is dedicated to her.” explains Tania.

“For ‘love is like war, easy to begin but very hard to stop’, as one great philosopher once said”.

This album comes with a totally new sound arrangement, unlike anything Tania Saleh has

done before. She is grounded in her roots, she idealizes the Arabic melodies and rhythms and

marries them to international vibes of classical, jazz and Bossa Nova because, when it comes

to music, she believes in a borderless planet.

tania 2

Since 1997, Tania has independently released 2 studio albums and one live album and wrote

songs for films like Nadine Labaki’s “Where Do We Go Now?” and “Caramel” and Philippe

Araktinji’s “Heritages”.

She has previously collaborated with many Lebanese and international musicians: Ziad

Rahbany, Issam Hajali, Charbel Rouhana, Khaled Mouzanar, Toufik Farroukh, Toni Hanna,

Rayess Bek, Natasha Atlas, RZA, Charlotte Caffey, Nile Rodgers, Steven Last and many more.

tania 3

For this new album, “Shwayit Souwar”, she has collaborated with some of the best musicians based in Lebanon. Lebanese composers Issam Hajali, Charbel Rouhana and Claude Chalhoub also appeared as very precious special guests on the album.

There were also outstanding special guest appearances by Norwegian artists Kjetil Bjerkestrand (composer and arranger for artists like Ray Charles, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Ute Lemper), Mathias Eick (jazz musician who has collaborated with Manu Katché, Chick Corea and Pat Metheny) and musicians from the Norwegian Radio String Orchestra who played beautiful string arrangements written by Edouard Torikian.

While many forces around us try to eliminate our heritage, ridicule our culture and annihilate

our identity, Tania, like a few other independent artists from the region, is on a noble mission

to make a fresh statement with her original words, eclectic music and unique illustrations and

travel with it to the world to portray a positive image of who we really are.

“After all, I believe that this is my duty as long as I may live”. Tania Saleh



L’Eclaireur settled in the heart of the Puces in Saint-Ouen, in Habitat Vintage clothing. New destination from L’Eclaireur, this gallery hosts design talents, selected by Martine and Armand Hadida.

With the opening of this space, the couple offers a reconstructed face of fashion and design. The Eclaireur creates places as well as spaces of life and discovery suitable for informed aesthetes.

Today, the workshop which housed the collections of chandeliers in the famous Maison Steinitz welcomes contemporary designers such as Vincenzo de Cotiis, and a selection of
design Vintage clothing.

Fashion is presented virtually through new technologies : a new invitation by L’Eclaireur to be enjoyed from Saturday to Monday.



Imperfection in Perfection


Trained at the Milan Polytechnic, Vincenzo de Cotiis marries the sense of space of an architect with the sensibility to materials of a visual artist.
He forges pure forms – either design objects, ambiances – following an organic process that allows the final product to retain traces of this process.
Touch is as important as sight: the choice of precious materials, raw, sometimes salvaged, always with an intense evocative power, characterizes each project.
Cotiis’ activity includes design for companies like Ceccotti Collezioni, Rossana and Busnelli, interior design for private customers and commercial spaces.
Among his most recent projects are: the Excelsior in Milan and Verona, the new concept for Sportmax shops and Straf Hotel (Milan, 2004).



The series of limited editions from PROGETTO DOMESTICO offers an experimental conception of non-duplicable furnishing pieces more akin to sculpture than design with a functional purpose.
PROGETTO DOMESTICO reinterprets furnishings using materials and salvaged parts
that have been treated with experimental procedures and techniques. This interpretations goes beyond the limits of pure design and its obsession with lines, proposing a vision which is closer to contemporary art than to design.
Unusual shapes give a second life to design elements and prototypes made with recycled
materials, characterized by the passage of time.
The salvaged materials are treated with experimental methods, according to a criterion of industrial reproducibility. The unusual appearance of hand-treated surfaces with texture-effects on objects and material that characterize the production of PROGETTO DOMESTICO as recycled wood, fiberglass, resin, leather, brass and iron are true visual and tactile experiences.



‘Exbroideries’ Exhibition by Anita Toutikian

“Exbroideries” is an analytic art installation by Anita Toutikian at Badguèr in Bourj Hammoud. 

badguer 001


During one of her visits to see her family living in Istanbul, Toutikian came across an embroidery done by her grandmother Hripsime Sarkissian (1908 – 2000). She picked up the colorful yet old and left out tissue without any clear intention. In the years that followed, Toutikian continued to collect more of her grandma’s works.

After gathering these special embroideries, Toutikian noticed her grandma’s unintentional artistry in these “brut” informal artworks.

Today, the artist is performing a curatorial and analytic art installation using the embroideries she collected… It is an “exbroideries” of the ready-made and intimate objects she has.

I attended the inauguration, and the launch of the program “I am and I can”.

The exhibition runs until May 18, 2014 from 4 pm to 8 pm. Don’t Miss It!  

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