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A Joyous Week-end!

I have bought a deal from Scoopcity for Mir Amin Palace a while ago, and on purpose made the reservation in November, because it’s my birthday and I always wanted to spend my birthday in this magical palace!

And to make my week-end even better, I got the opportunity to have the Renalut Captur for a test drive from Bassoul Hneine! How awesome can it get? 😉

I passed by Bassoul Hneine on Saturday morning, was well received by their team in the new, revamped showroom in Sed El Bauchrieh, had all the instructions about the crossover and was ready to go!

Passed by my friend M. whose birthday was also a while ago, and off we went for the most pleasant, and peaceful ride ever!

We weren’t very sure about the way we need to take, but we weren’t frustrated, because the new Renault‘s satellite navigation system with touch screen was to the rescue! I entered our location and our destination, and we were guided all the way!

There wasn’t much traffic that day and in no time we arrived to the magical palace, just in time to rest a bit and watch the sunset fade away…

Then we enjoyed an exquisite dinner in their Arabic restaurant. We so wanted to enjoy the rest of the night in their Cave, but we were both drained and sleepy, we missed it!

Then woke up early to catch the amazing weather and have a stroll next to the palace, admiring the wonderful nature…

Afterwards, we sat outside, under the sun to get some vitamin D and enjoy the Lebanese breakfast

We got lucky to have the sun shining during this period, the palace was crowded with people and our stay was really relaxing. It was very hard to say goodbye to this amazing palace, that will always keep me dreaming of the next visit…

The way back to Beirut, was also very smooth, the Captur is certainly a distinctive compact SUV.

As the Captur is based on the Renault Clio, there’s plenty in common between the vehicles. The front end is especially impressive, with a gigantic diamond badge dominating the whole front end of the car. The side features the same sort of character lines as the Clio, with the lower door trim creating the impression of an arched back. The back is strikingly similar to that of the Clio Sport Tourer (the new one), but the cut of the rear quarter glass is much more dynamic.

The Captur achieved a 5-star rating at the 2013 EuroNCAP tests. Between its standard safety equipment it has three-point seat belts, two airbags, cruise control, speed limiter, ESC, ABS and audible and visual seat belt reminder warnings

The Renault Captur is a comfortable car, economical and easy to drive. Love the look of it and the two-tone color schemes available are stunning.

How do you like to spend your week-ends?

Do you share the same passion for Mir Amin Palace?

Did you get the chance to check the Renault Captur?



Driving on a Friday night to Jounieh or Jbeil to enjoy that not to miss party with your friends and wishing you weren’t the one driving because you can’t drink as much as you want or don’t like to drive in traffic?

Going in your car to on the clubs where you have to give your car to the valet and you really hate doing that!

I have found the answer to those frustrations ==> Allo Taxi Application 

Allo Taxi recently created an App on your mobile (Android and IOS), to make your life super easy!


After downloading the App, you create an account, and wherever you are you log in, order the taxi from your phone, you just have to indicate your location and your destination.

You can also choose when you want the driver to reach you, the type of service you want (luxury, minivan, minibus…) and if you have any notes for the driver, you can add them in a special box. Super Easy!

When confirming your order, you receive an instant sms informing you of the order and you get an e-mail to your inbox too.

You will receive a sms informing you of the time needed for the nearest car to reach your location, you can also track the car on the map, and see which way the driver is taking.

When the driver is here, you will receive an e-mail informing you that the driver is here, the type of car he’s driving, his name and phone number.

When you reach your destination, you choose the way you want to pay (cash or account) and you sign on the driver’s phone (in the special square in the App).

What’s even cooler is that the App memorizes the locations you previously entered, so the next time you want to order a taxi from the same place, you won’t have to waste time to search for the location again!

I am in love with this App, it’s just amazing. I’m leaving my car in a safe spot and reaching my place in a better mood! I’m not the one driving in traffic & I don’t have to deal with annoying valet !!

You can take as many selfies as you want without any dangerous risk on your life. And the drivers are funny, making the way smoother!


Download it now on your phone and check it out 😉

Tamanna & MINI join hands to bring a smile to Hammoudi


Watched by hundreds of spectators, Tamanna and MINI last Sunday (June 15th) turned Beirut Souks into a “Happy” flash mob to turn tears into laughter for Hammoudi, an 11-year-old boy suffering from an autoimmune disorder.

Hammoudi in MINI

MINI team behind the wheel and friends in the passenger seat, the MINI doors were wide open to the “Happy” song by Pharell Williams. Two of the six MINI cars were dressed as Hammoudi’s favorite superhero characters: Superman and Spiderman and the remaining MINI’s were branded with happy faces to help bring some excitement, strength and hope to Hammoudi life.  Bubble machines were also used to extend the happy mood in addition to smiley face masks all around the set.


Also participating in this magical moment were the dancers from Stun and their choreographer Lyne Ghandour, Live Love Beirut, Solidere and Red Bull.

MINI Tamanna 3

Commenting on MINI’s involvement in Hammoudi’s surprise flashmob; Natalie Khalife, Marketing Manager for BMW Group at Bassoul Heneine said: “We were very pleased to partner with Tamanna to make a special contribution to projects dedicated to turning tears into laughter. Tamanna‘s aim is equally important for MINI, the small iconic car has a big heart, fun and caring character, so the partnership with Tamanna is appropriate for the brand. From all our team at Bassoul-Heneine we wish Hammoudi a happier and healthier life.”


As an active member of the Lebanese society and an avid supporter of local charities, Bassoul-Heneine regularly works with organizations to raise awareness for worthy social causes. In this instance MINI yet again revealed that it is not only a fun car that makes people smile, but it is also committed to being an active member of the community who can be counted on to support good causes.


Witnessing the tears of joy from Hammoudi’s parents, Soraya Barbir, Executive Director of Tamanna Lebanon added: “Partnering with MINI was an extremely positive step towards turning this experience into a memorable one. I can’t describe the happiness expressed by Hammoudi and his parents. Tamanna grants the wishes of children suffering from critical illness.  A wish granted brings a little sunshine into lives dominated by pain, providing an escape from reality, lifting the spirits of the child and his family.

Guest Post: Why men love James Bond?


As a fictional character, James Bond is an idol of sorts to men everywhere. Let’s look at a quick run down at why men in particular love James Bond so much.

james bond1

1. The women – James Bond enjoys casual flings with only the hottest of women and let’s be honest, what man wouldn’t love that? He’s irresistible to women, this is probably due to a mixture of his lustful looks, his confidence and his snappy dress sense! Although he’s a bit of a player, he gives off a certain amount of charm and he is so respectful of the women that come in and out of his life that it’s impossible to dislike him.

2. The cars – James Bond drives some of the most amazing cars, the same kind that men wish they could afford to drive on a daily basis. His sports cars always look amazing and he is so cool in them, if most men tried to pull off the same things that Bond did, they would just look ridiculous.

3. The guns – He is a fighter but only when the situation calls for it, his range of guns and weaponry are expensive and he is also an expert in martial arts – always pulling out the bests moves to outsmart his enemies. Men which that they could fight as well as Bond, he’s always pulling out the best self-defense moves to protect himself and the people he cares about.

james bond2

4. The casinos – James Bond is an expert in card games at casinos and this is showcased essentially in the movie ‘Casino Royale’. He is suave and smooth when it comes to playing cards, he wins lots of money and manages to always do better than anyone else on his table due to a mixture of skill and charm. All men would love to be such a casino pro like him.

5. He’s a hero – His skills with fighting the enemy means that he always comes out and top and saves the day.

Although he’s a bad-ass and just plain cool, deep down – he’s a good guy and most men wish that they had this quality about them. He is forever coming to women’s rescue, all ladies want a man who can be their hero and take care of them and this is a quality that oozes from James Bond.

james bond3

6. His awesome gadgets – He always has the latest and most amazing of gadgets available at his fingertips.

He moves with the times, his gadgets always helps him on his missions and he is so smart with how he uses them. Most men which they had the initiative that Bond has.



The reason why men love James Bond so much is because they secretly wish that they can be him. He has everything that they want whether that be his personality traits or the cool things that he does. With hot women, hotter cars, an array of incredible gadgets and just a coolness that makes all attention on him – Bond is the man to be.


A. Mourad

Introducing: THE 2014 ROLLS-ROYCE GHOST

People who know me well, know that I’m a huge cars fan, especially masculine, and wild cars.

But in my post today, I’m gonna introduce a true, classical babe… The 2014 Rolls-Royce GHOST!


Since its launch in 2009, the Ghost has been a vision of simplicity – taking the core values of Rolls-Royce and creating contemporary effortless luxury. Achieving a new dynamism while remaining true to its heritage, Ghost projects a more informal presence than the Phantom with an even greater emphasis on driving, and as such the 2014 model year reflects this vision of riding and driving in peerless fashion with subtle enhancements that ensure the car is equipped to pinnacle Rolls-Royce standards.



While seated comfortably in the Ghost’s slightly elevated position behind the wheel, described as the authority position, drivers will now have a new IPS 10.25″ HD screen before them, the largest in its class, featuring higher resolution with a better viewing angle and color contrast. This screen can be used to display the impressive 3D City View, which is one among many subtle navigation enhancements in the vehicle including new map representation, improved road calculation and High Guiding, where the correct lane and the correct turn is recommended to the driver via the split screen as a clear small map.


The Spirit of Ecstasy Rotary Controller in the 2014 model year Ghost presents a pad with the ability to scroll through function menus by turning the chrome dial and pressing down to select its functions.


A pointer function allows menu options to be selected more quickly. The inclusion of inputs by written text, for example where a name and number must be added via the telephone menu is an additional improvement. It recognizes characters in English, Latin, Mandarin and Arabic, to assist drivers in the company’s second and third largest global markets, mainland China and the Middle East respectively, where character selection can otherwise be a time-consuming process.


Created and fine-tuned by the leading experts in industry, the bespoke sound system in the 2014 model year Ghost allows for a rich and all-encompassing aural experience, bringing the centre of sound even closer to the passenger’s ear. An array of 16 loudspeakers, two tweeters and a full active 18-channel amplifier with 1300W maximum power deliver unparalleled sound quality, while the Theatre setting creates a perfect surround-sound “bigger than live” experience.


The latest in audio-engineering technology ensures that no external conditions can affect the sound quality inside the vehicle. Automatic-controlled microphone volume and tone adjustment change the music according to the noises around the car, for example the sound will change in windy conditions and also over uneven roads to maintain optimal sound. In addition, DIRAC technology process eliminates loud spots and dead spots caused by sound reflecting off windows while Active Crossovers eliminate sound distortion.


Adding to the already vast array of existing comfort features, Ghost 2014 builds upon the Comfort Access, a first of its kind convenience feature first introduced in the Ghost 2013 model that allows the opening of the boot with an effortless foot movement in case both hands are busy. The new model now includes a Smart Close function alongside Smart Opener, where the boot can then be closed with a foot movement beneath the rear bumper of the car.


The aesthetic appeal of the Ghost is further enhanced with the option of Salamanca Blue and Silver Sand colours fortifying the existing palette of 44,000 exterior paint options, while three new wood variants have been introduced: Tudor Oak, Cross-banded Waterfall Bubinga and Lemon Satinwood, and Cross-banded Paldao and Dark Heart Ebony.



Ghost is a modern execution of timeless Rolls-Royce elegance, widening its appeal beyond the purely traditional but retaining the core values that make the Rolls-Royce marque unique and cherished.

True Beauty ❤

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