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Tis’ The Season To Be Jolly!

Christmas is just around the corner and all the country is already wearing its marvelous decoration. Christmas exhibitions, recitals, book fairs, jingles are everywhere…

On Saturday I got the chance to be present at the grand opening of the festive market at Le Vendome Beirut.

You can choose your perfect Christmas gifts from the amazing collection of silver and crystal ornaments, decorative items, and a delectable selection of Chocodome chocolate!

The Festive Market opens daily till January 6th, 2014 from 10h00 a.m. till 10h00 p.m. at the main lobby.

Then I went for a road trip with my friend and got to admire the enchanting Christmas decoration in Byblos ❤


And on Sunday, I went with my family to the Christmas festival in Dhour El Choueir.

We were seduced by the Christmas grotto, wine festival, and chants…


Where did you find your favorite Christmas decoration this year? 


Goodbye Summer Party on the top of Square Lounge!

I am a summer person and it’s really hard for me to say goodbye to the season that is full of life, activities, parties and fun.

I should have posted this post a while ago, because the party took place at the end of September, but I still don’t want to let go…

Movenpick Hotel’s goodbye summer party was on top of the heap! We were well welcomed at the door of the hotel, with a special setting of the living fountain romanesque statue to take pictures, then we were accompanied to the Square Lounge.

movenpik 010

The Square Lounge was full of good vibes, amazing beats and delicious bites.

Enjoying the breathtaking sea view, we were also entertained with acrobatic art and cute memes.

It was a splendid evening, wishing Movenpick Hotel a great winter season!

Celebrating Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday!

October 2nd, 2014 marked the 145th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and his message of non-violence still echoes across the globe.

And in this matter the Embassy of India in Lebanon organised several events:

  • A lecture by Ratish Nanda: The Tomb of Humayun Restoration that was held at LAU.
  • A photo exhibition of Benoy K. Behl; the topic of his photographs covers the Islamic Architecture in India, that is also held in LAU from October 2 till 10

  • A Concert by Sonam Haira and the Sufi Gospel Project, that was help yesterday at UNESCO.

The music they produce blends together the many voices of language, religion and music to create one voice, the voice of faith. Their sound is fresh and unique and in fact, Sonam has created a new genre with The Sufi Gospel Project. It is called a ‘project’ because the music the band produces is ever evolving and an exploration of this genre.

Traditional Western Gospel melds with Indian classical sounds and Indian Spiritual texts are enriched by elements of western poetry to create a sound that touches every soul.

They will be playing again tonight in Batrouniyat, Batroun at 8h00 p.m.

Make sure to be there!

A Vivid Indian Night With Le Royal Hotels

I was invited last Friday to enjoy a charming and exotic Indian night at Le Royal Hotels and Resorts in Dbayeh. The event was in collaboration with the Embassy of India in Lebanon.


We were welcomed warmly, all the ladies we wearing beautiful sarees and were introduced to our table, that was right by the pool and facing the amazing bollywood performances by Gurukul, who flew in especially for the evening!

Two chefs, Chef Rubal and Chef Arjun came specially from New Delhi to prepare the sumptuous Indian buffet.

I have been attracted to the Indian culture a while ago, when I had the pleasure to meet a dear friend V. She used to narrate to us a lot of details, which captured me and always made me wanna know more about this unique culture.

And this dinner was a step further, where I had the chance to taste their food and enjoy the distinctive folk Indian dances.

It was a wonderful and charming night, thank you Le Royal for making it happen!


What I wore for the Indian night

Black shorts jumpsuit from Vestiti – Jdeideh

Suede Bordeaux Heels from Nine West


Have you ever been to an Indian Night?

Do you like Indian food?



A while ago, I was invited to attend the #electrofit full body workout session with Trainstation, that was held at White Beirut.

If you didn’t see my previous post about Trainstation, the uniquely designed wellness and fitness studio, go here.

electro fit 007

The event was in collaboration with Juice up and part of the proceeds went to Meeda.

For the first time in Lebanon, the Trainstation trainers provided a full body workout session to the sounds of the best house tunes with DJ Stamina.

I loved the idea of the session, wearing sports wear to White!




MEEDA is the first non-profit association dedicated to raising awareness, providing support and guidance to all people in the community that are suffering from any kind of eating disorder in Lebanon and the region.

J2 Vodka

I was invited a while ago to the pre-launching of Lebanon’s newest premium vodka “J2 Vodka“.

The event took place at the Lancaster Plaza Hotel Rooftop, Raouche, Beirut.

j2 002


J2 Vodka is a one-of-a-kind vodka that combines the experience of the finest producers and distilleries in Poland with the purity of Lebanon’s natural snowmelt spring water. Capturing an eclectic joie de vivre spirit and the taste of excellence in a bottle. 

The wheat and rye for which Poland is famed, combined with Lebanon’s crisp natural snowmelt spring water gives J2 its unique, clean taste with a light, smooth finish that is truly the best in the market.

The essence of J2 stems from its unquenchable party gene; the need to always live life to the fullest, constantly reminding you to never forget how to have fun.

J2 is more than a beverage. It’s the embodiment of a thriving club culture unique to the rest of the world. Simultaneously exceptional in quality, stylishly marketable, and culturally relevant; we invite you to embrace the party gene. Love life and live J2.
This distinctive blend creates an exclusive spirit and inimitable flavor: a gratifying celebration in every sip.

The venue was chosen very well, the view from the rooftop was incredibly amazing!

The set up was well done also, bottles of J2 vodka were placed in the fountain, nice band with amazing music and songs.

The J2 Vodka is really good, you have to try it!

Dairy Khoury Family Day!

I was invited on Sunday with my family and other bloggers/media to discover the Dairy Khoury goat farm in Mechmech.

It was a nice road trip, discovering a new area in Lebanon. We passed by Jbeil, then Annaya until we reached Mechmech.

Dairy Khoury 001

We were well welcomed, took a small break and started our visit. We saw the small goats, then the females and the males. Each category is placed in a different area.

We saw how they feed the new-born goats, we also had a demonstration of an echo to a pregnant goat, to check that everything is going well during her pregnancy.

After the interesting tour of the farm and getting to know more stuff about goats and farming, it was time to relax and enjoy the nature.

We had lunch in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by green trees, and enjoyed the activities prepared for the day. There was a very talented saxophonists, playing lovely music, then he was followed by a band playing Arabic songs.


Meanwhile, kids were enjoying their time in nature swinging, they were amazed by a magician show, and they could also do horseback riding.

The food was so fresh and delicious, we got to taste the yummy labne baladyeh, the white cheese …

Dairy Khoury 027

Thank you dairy Khoury for this splendid day, we discovered a new green area in Lebanon, and a nice goat farm 🙂

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