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Bridal Image Workshop with Purple Pineapple Pot

Are you getting married soon?

Worried about looking marvelous on your big day?


Worry No More, attend the Bridal Image workshop this Sunday with Purple Pineapple Pot and learn more how to choose the dress that suits you best, to choose the makeup shades that will enhance your beauty and the perfect hair for the perfect day.


The workshop we will tackle the following points:

–         Body shape: get familiar with your body type in order to pick the correct wedding dress.

–          Facial analysis: choose the correct hairstyle according to your facial shape.

–          Color assessment:  pick the correct white for your gown.

–          Personality and Style: reveal your personality and highlight it with your style.

–          Honeymoon wardrobe: pack the right outfits and travel light.

–          Make up: learn how to achieve a beautiful and natural look.


For more information please check the below link:


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Introducing: Purple Pineapple Pot

You must be wondering what is Purple Pineapple Pot?

Purple Pineapple Pot

Purple Pineapple Pot is a platform offering one day, quick learning workshops, dealing with basic knowledge in any field suggested.Their lessons are delivered in an original, entertaining and informative way that fulfills the workshoppers’ interests.
The workshops cover a wide range of subjects to anyone and everyone who wants to add something new to their life. Whether it is a skill, hobby, activity or just extra information for everyday use.
Workshops will be given repetitively every weekend for a period of eight weeks. When the eight weeks pass, a new batch of topics will be available. However some workshops might be prolonged depending on customer demand. The workshops are taking place in several venues, depending on space, subject, and location.
This week’s workshop is about Bartending and it will be this Sunday, February the 2nd at Cargo Bar Mar Mkhael.
The workshop will tackle the following points:
  • Learn the ethics of serving in bartending (Welcoming, pouring, flaring and serving)
  • Acquire knowledge about drinks and cocktails of the world
  • Visit the world of wine and wine pouring
  • Discover the fundamental ingredients and basics of internationally known cocktails.
  • Create your own drink by following the instructions.
For more information please check the below link

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